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Samantha Augustine's Journal - Episode 6
Demons and Angels

I am a danger to everyone I am around or care about. I almost feel like I should leave this school, as I’m only putting it in danger. But that wouldn’t be the right thing. I have to prepare to defend myself, I have to be ready for whatever this cruel world is going to throw.

I knew I was genetically altered. I knew maybe there was a darker secret out there. I just had no idea.

I could fake it, and write about valentines or birthdays or Piotr. Those things seemed to matter, but they just don’t anymore.

Wallace is dead.

He was so brave, and he protected everyone he cared about. He jumped to my defense and that THING just destroyed him. I picture in my mind what I could have done. Should I have surrendered? Should I have pushed Wallace away? This was my fight, this demon is my demon. It’s not Charles Xavier’s or Bruce Banner’s or Shields.

Or Wallace’s.

I almost tried to bring him back. Pretty foolish, right? We’ve all seen those movies, they don’t come back the same. I barely know what the hell I am, like a monkey with a gun. I would have done it. I would have grabbed those ley lines and said, “To Hell with the consequences!” Open a portal to heaven or hell and march in there and bring Wallace back. Whatever damnation powers they genetically altered to give me. I wanted so much to throw myself in his arms and let him be my hero. I guess in a way he will always be that. I sit here and put stock in things like clothing and perfume and including people who clearly don’t want to be included. I cling to a mother that clearly was just a uterus and supervisor for Nathaniel Essex.

Fuck them and Fuck me for being so vain and stupid.

I wish I had my right mind when Magneto walked in. I might have joined him then. Killing isn’t the answer, it’s not what I was taught. If I had my powers, I would have killed Essex. Maybe I was taught to be timid and meek to make it easier to USE ME. You want a vapid, timid girl worried about her social place and what boy likes her, makes it easier to brainwash.

I don’t know what I am. Am I person? I think so, but I feel my grip slipping away. I cling to my faith like a life preserver, but there’s only so much it can do when you’re in the perfect storm. It’s fine to have faith and be understanding, but when the devil shows up at your door Samantha, you can’t not be ready again! And you can’t let anyone else fight that fight.

Hell, maybe all this religion stuff is also to make me more susceptible to brainwashing.

Wallace paid off your demon. He would have done it even had I told him not to. That’s just who he was. A sweet boy who had the misfortune of meeting me. Maybe if I wasn’t an experiment and a real person, he’d be alive right now. Maybe if I hadn’t of given him the idea that I liked him, he would have stayed out of the way.

I did like him. I’ve thought of nothing else the last couple of days. Him rolling his eyes but secretly liking to sing Karaoke with me. Me shaking my head at his little nerdgasms about this or that. The kiss on the cheek I gave him. I created a plaque for him that I put in the hallway.

Born: February 11th, 2000
Died: February 15th, 2014
“A Good Man Does Something”

A good woman does something too, Wallace. Watch over me, kay? Not sure I can do it on my own….

I’m sorry. I’m so damn sorry..

Árni Brynarsdottir's Journal - Episode 6

[The following text has been translated from Icelandic.]

Wallace had his birthday today. I feel kinda bad for not getting him anything. That kinda goes for everyone around here. But, I’ll make it up to them on valentine’s day. Chocolate for everyone!

Mr. Barton sure is a weird guy. All standoffish and aloof, who knew he was into comics just like Wallace! Finally, Wally will have someone to talk to about that stuff!

Ooooooh! Sammy was born on valentine’s day! I really should have made her a double batch of chocolates! Oh well, I’ll
remember next year.

Oh dear, oh God. Jonothon asked me out for valentines! Im such a dweeb. I stammered out a yes amid a stream of other possible responses. I was so flustered I had to excuse myself to calm down. Ugh, I hope I managed to get out a yes in the end. I mean, this will be my first date. Like, date date, ever. Im so excited!

Well the Valentines dinner with Jonothon was a bust. The nerve of that guy! The dinner went well at first, I thought. About as well a dinner can go when your partner can’t eat atleast. But Jonothon started asking why I do, well. Everything. Why I go to class, why I try to act proper. Why I generally listen to what people tell me. I was just so floored at the time, because the answer is so obvious. Not only is learning it’s own reward but it’s a matter of respect to the people putting their time and effort into trying to teach us stuff! But then he got to other stuff. Like what I would do if someone I respected, killed someone I loved.

[The text trails of and the page is stained with running mascara. Close examination of the page reveals
that something was written but later erased.

He, called me naive. Maybe I am. But it doesn’t matter. Humans have to be fundamentally decent. They have to be worth listening to. Because otherwise… Otherwise, mom really does hate me. Forever.

[The text resumes a few lines down.]

Holy shit! Wallace is dead! Some guy called Sinister just showed up and fucking killed him! He wanted Sammy. Saying She belonged to him for making her or some bullshit like that. Wallace got in the way and the weirdo just reached out and touched wally and he crumpled to dust! Then shit went down, fast. Mr. Banner turned into a great lumbering green troll! Then Barton pulled some fancy tricks with his bow and got ontop of Mr. Banner and inject him with something. Then Barton called for backup from S.H.I.E.L.D. Within a minute a ship arrived and took Sinister, Banner. The whole shebang away in chains.

The next day the bucket guy was in the entryhallway arguing with Xavier. He said that Sinister may be a mutant, but he had shed mutant blood and his life was foreit. He asked who where willing to track him down and administer justice. Xavier appealed for staying our hand and trusting the human justicesystem. Aria and Lidya where willing to follow “Magneto”. So where I, Sinister has to pay. There is a Weregild here and there will be a reconing. Lidya asked me to stay with Sammy. I admit I deflated alittle then. Realistically speaking Sinister would just pull his “powers away” trick and I would be less than useless. Even though my blood screamed for satisfaction, I had to conceed to Lidya. Someone has to hold down the fort incase that sicko comes back.

Sammy just prayed. Asking god for guidance. I gave her an aswer. Matthew 10:34. When even the damned prince of peace recognized there are times for struggle, who are we to argue otherwise. There shall be a reckoning, I need to prepare myself.

Aria Cirillo's Journal - Episode 5

Twisted stop sign in a field
Pointing towards the endless cliff
I am footsteps in the night
Eating your deepest dreams

Christ how do people read this shit?
Imagism is obtuse for the sake of being that way
I’m saying change is coming
And it has a fucking price.

Finally! I have the words to distinguish between my kind and the rest of humanity. Homo Superior. It really isn’t that inspired all thing considered. But I didn’t think of it. Sounds like it came out of one of Darwin’s books. I really should have been working harder in Genetics class. I’ve been slacking because why do I need to study my own condition when I know Uncle Banner has it in hand. But we aren’t exactly alike. I’m changing more and more often and staying that way for longer and longer. And I don’t change every time I get off which is nice. Reme might be dead if that was still the case. I’ll get to that later. While Homo Sapein Superior is an accurate description of what we are it has a few major PR problems. Fuck PR! If it were just among the homo spaien’s I wouldn’t worry about it but I can here the rest of my little fucked up family reacting to it and the reaction isn’t positive. Can I really blame them for reacting to Magneto that way though? No. He is overconfident and egotistical, but then again most demagogues are. But he is correct in how the rest of humanity will react to use and that is why I he has my vote. I worry though that he will go too far and start lashing out at those of us who will not join his cause. I am not fighting my own kind.

I wish I could say that I am surprised that Victor went to Magneto with no intention of coming back. i respect Charles but he is not what Victor needs. Shame that him leaving is how we finally got a chance to talk. And just like I’ve been saying we speak the same language.* I think he knew even when he told me that I belonged with the Brotherhood that I wasn’t going to go with them, not right away. But I was honest, the rest of them at the school still need me, even if they don’t realize it. Lidya most of all. Although she would kick my ass for saying that. Staying to the sidelines and watching is a fine art, one I mastered out of necessity more than anything. Lidya never speaks out first but she always ends up leading and I don’t think she likes that one bit. The two times when it really mattered she almost got herself killed trying to lead us. And both times Wallace and I had to save her from herself. Lidya doesn’t want to lead and that is fine, but it is obvious she is looking for someone who can do that for the group. I’m looking after our fucked up little family and the best way to that is to protect Lidya from herself. Which is fucking hilarious. I am monster, and engine of destruction, and I am trying to save people. The universe has a sense of irony after all.

But then again maybe it is the fact that i am a monster is why they need me so much. They are all so normal that they can just be themselves and not have to worry about being picked out of a crowd. I have to try and hide what I am just so that I don’t scare the homo sapiens into attacking me. The look on Arni’s face when I brought back up the troll-blood comment was both priceless and heartbreaking. But I was honest with her. I think that as soon as the homo spaien’s realize we are here they will try and kill us or neuter our power. Just like religion destroyed the warrior cultures of Earth’s past by making being weak a virtue. And part of me loves that fact. I will be able to just cut loose on them because they started it. And the other part of me is just sad. Magneto’s appearance shows that we are not just an isolated event and Dr. Mcoy’s class has shown that we have existed in the past. Homo superior is once again on the rise and soon there will be enough of us to challenge the rest of humanity for control of the planet. If they would just except us for what we are and let us use our gifts to the fullest I would gladly let them live in peace. They won’t though. They will try and kill us or control us like we are weapons. And then the real fight will begin.

I will protect my people. At any cost. I just hope that having Reme at my side will keep me from slipping entirely into the monster that I am. About time he manned up. When we are all feeling down he is there. When they need someone to despise he has a quick joke. When we were all dispersed at the dance he brought us together. Reme is the man I thought he was from the start. And he doesn’t judge me. I am just Aria to him regardless of how I appear. I wish the world had more people like Reme. That would take a lot of horrible shit happening to a lot of young kids and not even I can justify that. And as selfish as it sounds, I think the nicest part of having him stay beside me, is the fact that I don’t have to sleep alone every night. Real human connect on that level is hard to come by for people like me. And when I just want to be alone with my thoughts and feelings he doesn’t make a fuss. He gets it. He know what it is like to be an outcast. God, I love that man. Not that I would ever come out and say that.

Now someone who isn’t so sure of her place right now is dear Sammy. Victor leaving hit her a lot harder than I thought it would. There was a lot more anger behind those punches and kicks than there should have been. But at least now I know she feels she can talk to me about what she is feeling. i just worry that her idealism is going to get her killed. On the one hand she cares about all of us, and on the other it is like we are all just little project to her. Well everyone but Lidya and myself I think. It hit me that night at the dance. The look on her face when I tried to play her little mix tape was priceless. I doubt she realizes it was more than petty cruelty. She wanted Victor to hear the music and despite my bitching most of it was pretty good and you could dance to it. But the look of panic on her face. It is the same look that Dad gets when some reporter is backing him into a corner on some issue and he is looking for a way out. I don’t think she realize how much she is keeping us at arms length while trying to be as enmeshed in our personal lives as possible. I can sympathize with the internal struggle.

Stones and glass houses Aria. i have been putting off talking with Uncle Banner and Dr. McCoy about my condition for long enough.The ease with which my control is growing is really starting to highlight the difference between Uncle Bruce and myself. I think Dr. McCoy may have some unique insight into this because I have a feeling that he wasn’t always blue and fuzzy. I mean I think that would have made a much large news story that it has. And actually now that I think about it, Reme might have something to add to all this. I remember him saying that someone did experiments on him that stops him from always blowing thing up, perhaps whoever helped him could help me understand what makes my changes happen. I mean I know why I change when I’m stressed now. But I still don’t really get how it works.

Samantha Augustine's Journal - Episode 5
Dark Clouds, Silver Lining?

Samantha Augustine’s Journal: Episode 5

Listening to: “Dirty Little Secret” by All American Rejects

Samantha dear, you have an image problem. All those things you do because you want to include people? Those people seem to think you are pitying them. Jonothon thinks that is the case, and I think I even hurt Scott’s feelings a bit. Samantha, patron saint of lost causes? That’s not what is in my heart. Victor left because you betrayed his trust, to join up with some hothead mutant with a superiority complex. It might be self important of me to think that way. He probably would have left anyways, but I certainly didn’t do him any favors.

A passage came to me as I was thinking about this Magneto person. 2nd book of Timothy 2:24 – 2:26

24 And the servant of the Lord must not strive; but be gentle unto all [men], apt to teach, patient,
25 In meekness instructing those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth;
26 And [that] they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will.

Essentially, it is the open hand versus the closed fist theory. God teaches us to be tolerant and extend our hands to others who have a difference of opinion, so that they may come to a place of understanding and not fear. Good luck doing that when you’re calling us “Homo-Superior”. Jackass.

Anyways, so Lydia said that I should ask Piotr out. I wasn’t sure where that was coming from, and Lydia didn’t elaborate much. Piotr…don’t get me wrong he’s an adonis. I feel kind of naughty watching him while wearing my sunglasses when he walks around without a shirt. That’s sort of girl thing, too. Let me put the boobs on display and look disapprovingly at men who stare, even though we sort of want them to. As Tuck said, “If you got em, flaunt em August.” :p Typically not my move, but I’ve done it before. I’m just not sure what else there is to Piotr. I did ask him to go on a walk with me, but then time sort of got away from us. Maybe he’s the whole package and I don’t know. I think it would be good to find out. Course that means I might have to put my ‘mini-crush’ on ice. Not sure it would amount to anything anyways. He certainly doesn’t seem that interested. Though, I like him for very different reasons. I thought I laid down a pretty good hint. Oh well. Anyways, the last thing I need to do is send mixed signals to anyone anymore. Didn’t work out so well last time.

I figured out I could create life, kinda. I was monkeying around with a paperclip and turned it into a butterfly. I don’t know if it’s permanent, but if it is I feel better about this cancer cell experiment. I think I might have concerned Lydia when I showed her. I cope by thinking of it as special affects. If I really thought I could create life, something that only Our Lord and Savior can do…

Speaking of avoidance, apparently I’m a mutant because some asshole genetically altered me to be that way. I wish my mom was here so I could get some answers. However, this leads me to my next thought. Maybe I was a test tube experiment. I don’t really have a ‘father’ just a sperm donor. Course a dad that’s not in your life is sort of that anyways. I had a couple friends where it was that way. But to think that someone thought of me as a damn experiment. I’m afraid I’ll get pale and grow to 8 feet tall I’m so mad.. As it was, I asked to spar Aria because right after I get that nugget of information, Lydia dropped the Victor thing on me. Cold as could be. Like she was saying, “Pass the butter.” It’s a cultural thing, it must be. Anyways, I finally broke out the Capoera blackbelt. I hated that thing for so long. I resented my mother for making me get it. ‘I don’t want to hurt anyone, I want everyone to get along’ I’d say to her. She’d say not everyone has the best of intentions Samantha Nicole (she broke out the big guns when she’d throw that middle name at me).

Oh, and let’s cap it off with the SHIELD agent that’s here at this school. Kids, we have a sniper in the tower. Everything is fine. Great. Now my life is officially complete. Don’t be surprised if the next journal is from Gitmo.

So for future Samantha reading this, here’s the TLDR version:
I may have pushed Victor down a dark path, lead by a violent creeper.
God says use the open hand versus the closed fist.
I asked Piotr out. He’s hot, but need more info.
Mini-Crush might be a non-starter.
I’m a test tube baby/experiment with no real father.
And now I’m on a government watch list.

So yeah, S.O.P. Is it sad that this is normal now?

Song Lyrics in my head:

Tell me all that you’ve thrown away
Find out games you don’t wanna play
You are the only one that needs to know

I’ll keep you my dirty little sdecret (Dirty little secret)
Don’t tell anyone or you’ll be just another regret.
(Just another regret, hope that you can keep it).
My dirty little secret.

Aria Cirillo's Journal - Episode 4

I’m going to fucking rip a bitch in half,
Until I finally find my path,
I’ll be the monster that we need,
And make the rest of the world fucking bleed

When did I become so lazy? When I started worrying more about the group than my mental house. Then again when do I really have time. I’ve never been the world’s greatest student, but all these classes are enough to even make Wallace frazzled. Then again if Wallace would get his nose out of a book once in a while he’d be a lot better off. I think we all needed time away from this place. I’m just worried about the cost. It is so easy to forget that there is an outside world when we are away in this school. Even the usual peer groups are screwy. Five seconds into that dance I knew it was a bad idea. Not because of what happened after, but because of the system shock. I know the look. Jennifer had that look when she came back from that young leader’s conference. I never really cared for the preppy bitch, but she is my sister, and no one deserves that level of shock. I didn’t get it back then. I was only ten how could I? Jennifer went away full of life and joy about being chosen to be among the elite for a weekend of team building. She was home in two days. Instead of building teams, all of the activities really just showed how much everyone was out for themselves in that world. Jennifer was always the one looking after the rest of us and telling us what to do for our own good. After that weekend she locked herself in her room and refused to come out until we had to go back to school. I don’t know what happened to her but whatever it was it killed something in her. I worry that this little dance will do the same to us.

I should have just stayed home. I shudder to think what would have happened if I had. But what business did I have there. If even one of those kids knew what I was they would have run screaming into the night. The look on the Aussie kids face when he saw me change proves to me that there is no way any of those fucking brats is going to accept me for who I am. He was one of us and he acted like we are monsters! Some of use are monsters! But we are mutants first! If I hadn’t made a promise not to hurt my family or my kind I would probably have ripped his little head off.

I just have to keep calm and get these thoughts down. I can apologize for the hole in the wall later. Why do they treat us like people. We look like it but we aren’t. For all my lofty talk of Nietzschian ideals, I know I am a monster. I let them treat me like I’m normal – or close to it – because it makes them feel better. Hell, it make me feel better. But I’m not, and Victor isn’t, and Bruce isn’t. We are just monster and animals pretending to be people. I’ve come to accept this. I’m coming to accept it. Bruce seems to want to act like it something else inside us that drives us. It is isn’t. Well, it isn’t for me. It is just me. When I’m angry or upset I’m not thinking about the fact that I am a monster. I’m thinking about what I can do to those who cross me and my family. The thoughts and urges are the same that everyone has, but I could do them. The only thing that stops most people from doing them is that someone can stop them or punish them. Who would punish me? Who could? The only reason I even vaguely fit in is because I had thirteen years of normal human interaction before I became who and what I am. Victor never had that. And what Sammy did to him was cruel.

I wish she could see that. She won’t. She is too kind. Talking to Victor one on one at his level is one thing. Giving him a damned mix tape is like shoving his nose in the fact that he is an uneducated animal. It makes him confront who and what he is in the most cruel way known to man. It shows him that he is other. And then the little stunt at the dance. I respect the hell out of Sammy for being there for our fucked up little family. I respect the hell out of her for what she did for Arni. I can’t forgive the mess she made with Victor. On the one hand I know you don’t want to be shackled to a guy who doesn’t want to dance or do anything fun or catch some alone time. Fucking Reme. But if you are going to go with a guy to a dance you are going to have to accept the fact that he is going to be awkward about it. Sammy knows this shit better than I do. And then to go and talk with the one of the big football players. Hello? Alpha male. That is a fucking challenge to Victor right there. And he showed a massive amount of restraint in not ripping the guy’s face off. I would have in his place. And I know why she did it. She did it for Arni, but Christ on a bike Sammy think about how easily a guy’s ego can be bruised before you go and chat up another dude.

On the other hand, what the fuck is Victory’s problem? The guy is a fucking normal. He can’t even measure up to Victor. He is just a normal human. Why would a man like Victor be threatened by that? He could crush them all and not even break a sweat. I’ve watched the guy drag dear back into the mansion in the middle of the night. Think about what he could do with a fucking football is he wasted his time on such things. So I’m more than a little hacked off at Victor. Sammy poked the damn bear, but I mean have a little pride. Keep it under control.

But I guess I am just as much to blame as anything else. I could have stopped that fucking car. All I had to do was except who and what I am, but instead I just tried to pretend to be what I’m not. While charging at a guy who chucked a fucking car at me. But that doesn’t make what the Aussie kid did right. We don’t attack or fucking own! I’m going to have to kick the shit out of Vitcor over this. I should have fucking known. I should have known when a kid is from Australia in the middle of fucking nowhere. He had to be like us. Something special drawing him into our little world. And then he fucking burns Victor. Lidya does her usual lets jump in the fire bullshit. You are a fucking ice queen. Stop jumping in fire! We it not for Wallace, blessed Wallace, who knows how badly she would have been hurt. Where is he learning his control?

More than anything else, who the fuck is this friend of Xavier? One more thing that he is hiding from us. That needs to be addressed and soon. Make a fucking list.

  1. Put Victor in his place.
  2. Confront Xavier over these other mutants.
  3. Have a long talk with Uncle Bruce about dealing with all this anger.
Samantha Augustine's Journal - Episode 4

Listening to: Just Close your Eyes by Waterproof Blonde


WHY IS EVERYTHING I DO SO GODDAMNED IMPORTANT NOW!!!!! Why is everything life or death? Why do my actions cause people to live in Italy and die in Golden Bridge? I’m just 13! I can’t be realistically asked to never make a mistake again. The stakes are too high! I can’t….

I just wanted to help Victor learn what it was like to be a person, not an animal like it sounds like he’s lived. Everyone seems really good at telling me what they’d do. They talk about pack dominance and stuff I really don’t understand. I try and live my life like I’ve been taught, everyone deserves a chance to be included. We’re all god’s children. Or at least I used to think so.

I’d scream “It’s not fair!” a thousand times if I thought someone would hear me and that it would change anything. Lydia would remind me that life isn’t fair. She’s doing that now as I look at her burned and bruised body. Sure, every action does have consequences. I can’t bear to look at Victor right now but I know he’s burned and angry. I wish he would have just taken it out on me. I at least deserved it for hurting him like I did.

And someone’s dead just because I couldn’t understand the time bomb I was negotiating. I just had to dance with the cute, nice guy. I thought he had left. I…

I’m coming to the conclusion that Xavier was trying to convince me of from the moment I got here. Your dreams of a normal life? Like leaves on a windy autumn day, they dance just out of reach and are gone before you can react. Olympics? Gilliard? Nope. Now my dreams have to factor in “Collateral Damage” and “Exposure” mathematics equations.

Oh, and thanks Logan for standing up and trying to be a leader and then just running away. Maybe he’s the smart one. If you’re not here, you won’t be presented with ‘Xavier options’ where he lets us know how we could help if we want to, but your peers will judge you if you don’t think you’re up to it, or heaven forbid you feel like it isn’t your place.

Things were going well. Victor was somewhat social, dancing with Wallace was fun, meeting Hillary was good and I met a really nice guy. Someone who would ignore stigma to do the right thing. I helped socially reboot Arni!

But tonight will forever be remembered as the day Samantha betrayed Victor’s trust and was a selfish biyatch. And someone else doesn’t get the chance to make any more mistakes again. I already feel like I have to make up for all the lives mom would have saved. What’s another one? It’s someone’s son or daughter, Samantha. One that, just like you was going out to have a good time and then never comes home.

If I think of it as that, I’ll be too paralyzed with fear to leave this mansion. If I think of it like a ledger, I’m dehumanizing the people impacted. So my options are scared to death, or an emotionless robot? The plane is landing now. Professor Xavier is going to read me the riot act. I’m not too worried though. How much worse can I feel about myself?

As I get ready to step off the plane, I feel like I’m at a crossroads. Ready or not, I have to grow up. I may never like what I see in the mirror again, but I have to get to a place where I can sleep without guilt. I don’t know how I get there from where I’m standing.

Lyrics in my head:

Deceived by my eyes,
and all I was told I should see.
Opinions not mine,
the person they taught me to be.
One night in the dark,
a vision of someone I knew.
And in the darkness I saw,
someone say I’m you.

Árni Brynarsdottir's Journal - Episode 4

The following text have been translated from Icelandic and mirrored for readabiliy.

Logan ran away. It makes me sad. Really, really sad. But that guy clearly had some problems.
The crying and the drinking attested to that. I can only hope that he comes to his
senses or else, finds whatever solace he seeks.

Cerebro is so annoying sometimes. It (He?) is so clever that I forget to be extra literal
when I speak to him. As if remembering the right fricking words isn’t hard enough.
I was late for math class. Soo embarrasing, I didn’t know where to put my face. I mumbled something
stupid about missunderstanding the computer. Such a lame excuse, everyone must think I’m a moron.

I’ve been looking forward towards the dance all week. Finally, an opportunity to relax and bust a move! I gotta say, being able to hear this well is really convenient. Sammy has gotten into the habit of just saying my name to catch my attention. Alittle like the lords and ladies. “Speak of the devil, and he is already at your door.” Sammy helped me to pick out clothing for the homecoming dance. But she totally snubbed all of my clothes! She had me walking in there practically naked! With only a emerald dress. I have to admit it looked nice but it was so restricting! Oh well, “No pain, no gain”. I guess.

The dance itself was a bust though. Not to say I didn’t have a nice time dancing with Zach, or Pierce. Or the retiree club. But it turned out to be less about the dancing and having a good time, than it was about byzantine social-feudalism. Apparently Zach was not of the right sort so Sammy pulled some strings and the captain of the football team, Pierce, danced with me to undo the damage. Pierce was nice, he didn’t even look at me funny when I told him about the trolls… He is so dreamy…

Lydia had a nice time too it seems. I tried to keep my concentration elsewhere when. No. That’s her business. Hush my mouth.

Wally felt alittle on the fringe it seems. He did linedance with me and the fedorasquad alittle. But he seemed kinda lost. There was that total bitch who only talked to him as a means to get at Sammy. Not to say I where perfect friends with eveyone back home, but are girls really that cold-hearted here? Some are, it seems.

Aria seemed bored. Untill Remmy showed up atleast. :) Remmy just walked in, all cool like, swept her up and got the DJ to change his mixtape for a CD. Too bad. They where just getting around to “Summer of ’69” and “99 luftballons.”

Then the evening went to shit. Sammy is a nice, kind girl. But she doesn’t know how to deal with Viktor. She tried to bargain with him, to be calm and rational when that is not at all what he is used to. I assume some guilt here. If I had not had the bad grace of not knowing the strict social apartheid, she might not have had reason to start talking with other boys. To be fair, I might not be that good at explaining what I meant when I tried to explain Viktor’s point of view. I felt her zone out when I got to the fang-goats.

Viktor stormed out in a huff, Remmy got the group together to go after him. He was liable to tear appart whoever had the missfortune of crossing his path. This happened too. By the time we got out there he was busing himself smashing up cars. Lydia tried to talk to him and she almost got a facefull of carborator for her trouble. Then that australian kid tossed fucking fire on Viktor and all hell broke lose. Lydia stepped infront of Viktor and took the brunt of the blast. Those where some nasty burns. At the same moment Viktor fucking pounced on Lydia, intent of tearing her appart. Thank God Aria managed to get Viktor under control . Thank Christ, The Blackbird was stationed close by.

Then the buckethead appeared. His voice was deep, very deep and resonant. As I fetched Sammy, she was still dancing as all of this went down. I sadly had to tear her away. As I did, buckethead told the flametosser that he did the right thing attacking Viktor. That was when I saw it. Someone was lying, cruhed under the car that Victor had tossed at Lydia.

Sammy wanted to know what whas going on. I told her I would tell her later, but she could probably guess from the destruction. She was pretty shaken by the sight. I need to talk to her

Aria Cirillo's Journal - Episode 3





I’m going to kill Xavier right after I get done mangling Sam. Christ on a bike! Who did I ass rape in a past life with a piece of rusty rebar to deserve this level of bullshit? Sam and his damn hero complex drag our fucked up little family into the middle of the ocean without life vest or med kits or anything else. Fucking really Charles? Super secret jet and you can’t keep basic medical supplies on board? Great idea. Let’s send them out to the middle of the ocean to save a bunch of helpless bastards. Let’s make the Ice Queen the leader for a mission because Mr. Weather Man is in bed “sick.” *Grow some fucking balls Logan. You could have taken care of the problem in five minutes but your too deep in your own fucking problems to come out and lead like you so wanted to. Which I could have forgiven were it not for the fact that without him Lidya almost got her damn face burnt off. That girl needs to learn not jump into fire when your ability is based on ice! Third-degree burns were not advertised in the admissions letter.

Despite all that though, I think this was exactly what I we needed. We are all so fucked up. The rest of them are starting to understand their powers. I on the other hand have just been reminded that I am a huge slab of muscle. That apparently looks like a troll to an Icelander. There was a time, before That Day I would have jumped all over Arni for that comment. And especially for the using the larger showers in the basement comment. Who you calling big, little bitch? But now, now the more I live with it the more I feel like I am becoming more at peace with who and what I am. The more I change, the easier it is. And the fact that I do it to save my fucked up little family helps a lot.

But who am I kidding? Being a monster run in the family. I wonder at what point Mom was going to mention that her brother is famous scientist who happen to turn into a giant green rage monster. What the fuck is Xavier thinking putting us under the same roof? Dr. Banner, Uncle Banner? – No – seems nice enough. We have a lot in common it seems. Both of attempted suicide at some point. Haven’t thought of that in a long time. The feel of the wind going through my hair. The chain around my neck. My feet hitting the ground and the chain being slack after jumping out of that tree. The taste of Dad’s gun. And the horrible taste of burnt gun powder. There were a few other attempts not long after That Day, but when it became clear none were going to work I gave up. The look on that old lady’s face when she hit me with car was priceless though. I have to wonder though, why does he call it a “thing inside of us.” We are just mutants. I’ve never once anthropomorphised the change. It is just me. I am who I am. I wonder of Dr. Banner is different when he changes. Maybe something to do with the bomb that activated his mutant gene. Maybe it is just him taking the easy way out.

What isn’t easy is making friends. I fucking hate friends. They are just annoying and needy, and piss me off. And I couldn’t live without them. I don’t know how I made it these last several years alone. I know that it is best to be away from people. But I am a social animal. Lidya’s concern for my burns was kind of funny. I didn’t have the heart to tell her they would probably heal in a day. For a girl who doesn’t say much, and doesn’t seem to want to lead, she sure does a lot of it. And she gave a perfectly reasonable answer when I called her on it. At least the coffee is good. I still don’t know what her game is though.

On the other hand my olive branch to Sammy seems to have worked. I couldn’t care less about my hair beyond it being clean and not all over the place but I know Sammy is into the type of thing. It was funny saying she was going to need a stepladder to do it though. I think between her and Lidya I may actually have found close friends. I guess we’ll see. She cares too much though and that is going to get her in trouble. And Lidya and I are going to have to be there to help her out of it.

Samantha Augustine's Journal – Episode 3
Black or White

October 14th, 2013
Listening to: Kelly Clarkston, “Breakaway”

I told the Professor I wasn’t going to be a soldier. A couple weeks ago I had that conversation with him when Sam got upset about a shooting. Everyone here is so eager to prove themselves. I’d say it’s some macho thing, but I can’t say Macho and Arni in the same sentence. In her case I’m guessing it has to do with genuinely wanting to help. I don’t know, maybe I’m reading people wrong.

The Professor walked in, asking if anyo9ne was serious about wanting to help. A bunch of people stepped up. As the Professor starting explaining about some ship in the Mediterranean, I zoned out. I had already made up my mind. I took a stand two weeks ago. Special forces, soldiers, the hell with that! I headed upstairs to grab my stuff for class when Lydia followed me to our room.

I don’t know what people want from me. Lydia claims she just wanted answers. I could tell there was judgment there, though. I do these things, but I don’t have any control over this stuff. I think and words come out. What’s my power? I feel like a wild tempest of energy. Coming here to get control was a good idea. When Professor X is allowing us to test it without fear, I feel I made the right decision coming here.

I think back on all of these books of powerful women I’ve read. On constant that runs through them is that they’re not afraid. There’s a difference between taking a risk on a business and putting your friends lives in your hands. Also none of them were making these decisions when they were 13 (all fair points, Sammy!)

Lydia’s point was, in essence, that your friends were going to do this. If you’re not there, would you have been able to do something? How bad would you feel? I’d feel terrible.

I gave in. How superior would I feel taking a stand on the bodies of my friends. Professor Xavier shouldn’t be putting us in this spot. Can I get mad at Lydia and Sam and Wallace for wanting to help people, even if it’s a bit naive? No, though peer pressure is crummy. Can I blame our 30 something year old guardian figure for putting that in our faces and saying, “It’s your choice?” Fuck Yes I can.

Maybe Lydia’s not judging me. Perhaps she is only holding up a mirror so I can judge myself. Do I like what I see. Apparently not, as I relented.

Aria stunned me. She asked me to help her with her hair when we were done. I stammered an affirmative. I thought she hated me. Yes, she’s still a bit scary. To be fair to her, she’s done nothing to me for me to be scarred of her for. I texted with her a few times. This one, I think, I might have misjudged on the first impression. (But we’re never wrong, are we Samantha dear? :p )

The “mission” to the Mediterranean was no joke. Lives were being lost right in front of me. I saw Lydia almost die when the door just opened. I’m guessing I’m in shock or I wouldn’t leave my room. Ms. Hunter was shell shocked. Not exactly what she signed up for. I tried to help Wallace, but I didn’t do enough, apparently. It was Aria and Wallace who put out the fire. The rest of us did help with rescuing people.

I remember one boy who looked my age. I was flying towards him as he went under the water. I grasped his outstretched hand and pulled him in the air.

Now that moment? Better than Nationals or anything else I had ever accomplished. Here was one boy who had a chance to live a full life, but only because I was there! Maybe that’s how surgeons or firefighters feel like. If I had been stubborn and stood on principal, this boy would have drowned. I can’t help thinking that if I had been better, how many more lives would have been saved?

The last few days I’ve been reading a little about Churchill & FDR. People whose decisions shaped the world. Would it have been easy to stay on our side of the Atlantic? Clearly. Was it the right thing to do? Clearly not.

Three years ago I was still playing with Barbies and watching Nickelodeon. No I have people’s lives in my hands. I’m sure it’s not fair. Don’t worry, you’re right Samantha. I just get the feeling I’m also wrong….

Lyrics in my head

I’ll spread my wings and learn how to fly.
I’ll do what it takes til I touch the sky.
And I’ll make a wish,
Take a chance,
Make a change,
and breakaway.

Árni Brynarsdottir's Journal - Episode 3

The following text have been translated from Icelandic.

Wallace and Sam are such idiots! They have been sneaking out to the quarry at night. Training with their powers, unsupervised. They are just asking for trouble! No wonder Wallace is so tired and inattentive in class! I mean. I heard them talk about it
but I didn’t think they would actually do it! Tempting fate, that’s what they are doing.

Professor Xavier came in during breakfast and asked if Sam was serious about wanting to help people. Apparently a Libyan ship had gone aground and caught fire off the coast of Italy. Sam and Wallace was imediatly positive. Xavier asked us to gather on the lawn outside if we where willing to go. He also stressed that this was a voluntary mission, no one should feel forced to go. Most of us did, save for Samantha and Victor. Victor has his reasons, Im sure. Sammy got herself talked into it by Lydia. Logan couldn’t go either. He was in his room, sleeping off the flu.

OMG! Xavier has a private jet! I knew he was rich, but, damn. It’s crazy fast too. The flight from Iceland to Chicago took six hours. We where in Italy in about two. I mean, sure. We have a spacecadet among us. But still!

Lydia put together a plan for us. Sammy and Wallace where to concentrate on putting out the worst of the flames while Me, Lydia, Aria and Piotr where to drop down to the ship to try and save as many as possible. Remy, Scott and Jonothon where kept in reserve while Sam where set to patrol and look out for trouble. It was a good plan.

But it almost went completly awry. The Blackbird (IE. The Jet.) pulled up to the ship and opened it’s back hatch. Oh God, the sound. I have never heard anything so nightmarish. People screaming, pleading, dying, praying and worst of all. Burning. Before any of us could even act a fueltank burst and sent a pillar of flame rocketing towards the sky. The Blackbird took the blast but the flames didn’t need to reach us in the hatch, the superheated air did. Wallace and Lydia where the closest to it. I could hear their skin crackling. Ugh, just thinking about it makes me nauseous.

It was an impressive display of strength when Lydia rose to her feet and told us to move out. The plan almost failed. The explosion must have disoriented most of them. I did my best to help them out and get them back on track. We did do some good in the end though. When the coastguard finally got there, most of the fires where put out. By a combination of Wallace and Aria. When the immediate danger was curbed we moved to saving as many as we could. 180 people. That’s the diffrance we made.

Jesus, Lydia is cool as ice. When we got back on the Blackbird we found that there wheren’t even bandages or wetnaps on there. Why would Xavier send us into danger without even basic medical supplies? Thank god for Sammy and her handbag of holding. Lydia was very concerned about Wallace’s burns, which where pretty bad but it took alittle convincing before she let Sammy and Wallace even look at her wounds.

Damnit. Why must I always say whatever stupid thing comes into my head. I just wanted to help when I pointed out that Aria could shower in the basement showerrooms since they are bigger than the ones upstairs. Aria must hate me.


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