1407 Graymalkin Lane

Árni Brynarsdottir's Journal - Episode 3


The following text have been translated from Icelandic.

Wallace and Sam are such idiots! They have been sneaking out to the quarry at night. Training with their powers, unsupervised. They are just asking for trouble! No wonder Wallace is so tired and inattentive in class! I mean. I heard them talk about it
but I didn’t think they would actually do it! Tempting fate, that’s what they are doing.

Professor Xavier came in during breakfast and asked if Sam was serious about wanting to help people. Apparently a Libyan ship had gone aground and caught fire off the coast of Italy. Sam and Wallace was imediatly positive. Xavier asked us to gather on the lawn outside if we where willing to go. He also stressed that this was a voluntary mission, no one should feel forced to go. Most of us did, save for Samantha and Victor. Victor has his reasons, Im sure. Sammy got herself talked into it by Lydia. Logan couldn’t go either. He was in his room, sleeping off the flu.

OMG! Xavier has a private jet! I knew he was rich, but, damn. It’s crazy fast too. The flight from Iceland to Chicago took six hours. We where in Italy in about two. I mean, sure. We have a spacecadet among us. But still!

Lydia put together a plan for us. Sammy and Wallace where to concentrate on putting out the worst of the flames while Me, Lydia, Aria and Piotr where to drop down to the ship to try and save as many as possible. Remy, Scott and Jonothon where kept in reserve while Sam where set to patrol and look out for trouble. It was a good plan.

But it almost went completly awry. The Blackbird (IE. The Jet.) pulled up to the ship and opened it’s back hatch. Oh God, the sound. I have never heard anything so nightmarish. People screaming, pleading, dying, praying and worst of all. Burning. Before any of us could even act a fueltank burst and sent a pillar of flame rocketing towards the sky. The Blackbird took the blast but the flames didn’t need to reach us in the hatch, the superheated air did. Wallace and Lydia where the closest to it. I could hear their skin crackling. Ugh, just thinking about it makes me nauseous.

It was an impressive display of strength when Lydia rose to her feet and told us to move out. The plan almost failed. The explosion must have disoriented most of them. I did my best to help them out and get them back on track. We did do some good in the end though. When the coastguard finally got there, most of the fires where put out. By a combination of Wallace and Aria. When the immediate danger was curbed we moved to saving as many as we could. 180 people. That’s the diffrance we made.

Jesus, Lydia is cool as ice. When we got back on the Blackbird we found that there wheren’t even bandages or wetnaps on there. Why would Xavier send us into danger without even basic medical supplies? Thank god for Sammy and her handbag of holding. Lydia was very concerned about Wallace’s burns, which where pretty bad but it took alittle convincing before she let Sammy and Wallace even look at her wounds.

Damnit. Why must I always say whatever stupid thing comes into my head. I just wanted to help when I pointed out that Aria could shower in the basement showerrooms since they are bigger than the ones upstairs. Aria must hate me.


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