1407 Graymalkin Lane

Árni Brynarsdottir's Journal - Episode 4


The following text have been translated from Icelandic and mirrored for readabiliy.

Logan ran away. It makes me sad. Really, really sad. But that guy clearly had some problems.
The crying and the drinking attested to that. I can only hope that he comes to his
senses or else, finds whatever solace he seeks.

Cerebro is so annoying sometimes. It (He?) is so clever that I forget to be extra literal
when I speak to him. As if remembering the right fricking words isn’t hard enough.
I was late for math class. Soo embarrasing, I didn’t know where to put my face. I mumbled something
stupid about missunderstanding the computer. Such a lame excuse, everyone must think I’m a moron.

I’ve been looking forward towards the dance all week. Finally, an opportunity to relax and bust a move! I gotta say, being able to hear this well is really convenient. Sammy has gotten into the habit of just saying my name to catch my attention. Alittle like the lords and ladies. “Speak of the devil, and he is already at your door.” Sammy helped me to pick out clothing for the homecoming dance. But she totally snubbed all of my clothes! She had me walking in there practically naked! With only a emerald dress. I have to admit it looked nice but it was so restricting! Oh well, “No pain, no gain”. I guess.

The dance itself was a bust though. Not to say I didn’t have a nice time dancing with Zach, or Pierce. Or the retiree club. But it turned out to be less about the dancing and having a good time, than it was about byzantine social-feudalism. Apparently Zach was not of the right sort so Sammy pulled some strings and the captain of the football team, Pierce, danced with me to undo the damage. Pierce was nice, he didn’t even look at me funny when I told him about the trolls… He is so dreamy…

Lydia had a nice time too it seems. I tried to keep my concentration elsewhere when. No. That’s her business. Hush my mouth.

Wally felt alittle on the fringe it seems. He did linedance with me and the fedorasquad alittle. But he seemed kinda lost. There was that total bitch who only talked to him as a means to get at Sammy. Not to say I where perfect friends with eveyone back home, but are girls really that cold-hearted here? Some are, it seems.

Aria seemed bored. Untill Remmy showed up atleast. :) Remmy just walked in, all cool like, swept her up and got the DJ to change his mixtape for a CD. Too bad. They where just getting around to “Summer of ’69” and “99 luftballons.”

Then the evening went to shit. Sammy is a nice, kind girl. But she doesn’t know how to deal with Viktor. She tried to bargain with him, to be calm and rational when that is not at all what he is used to. I assume some guilt here. If I had not had the bad grace of not knowing the strict social apartheid, she might not have had reason to start talking with other boys. To be fair, I might not be that good at explaining what I meant when I tried to explain Viktor’s point of view. I felt her zone out when I got to the fang-goats.

Viktor stormed out in a huff, Remmy got the group together to go after him. He was liable to tear appart whoever had the missfortune of crossing his path. This happened too. By the time we got out there he was busing himself smashing up cars. Lydia tried to talk to him and she almost got a facefull of carborator for her trouble. Then that australian kid tossed fucking fire on Viktor and all hell broke lose. Lydia stepped infront of Viktor and took the brunt of the blast. Those where some nasty burns. At the same moment Viktor fucking pounced on Lydia, intent of tearing her appart. Thank God Aria managed to get Viktor under control . Thank Christ, The Blackbird was stationed close by.

Then the buckethead appeared. His voice was deep, very deep and resonant. As I fetched Sammy, she was still dancing as all of this went down. I sadly had to tear her away. As I did, buckethead told the flametosser that he did the right thing attacking Viktor. That was when I saw it. Someone was lying, cruhed under the car that Victor had tossed at Lydia.

Sammy wanted to know what whas going on. I told her I would tell her later, but she could probably guess from the destruction. She was pretty shaken by the sight. I need to talk to her


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