1407 Graymalkin Lane

Árni Brynarsdottir's Journal - Episode 6


[The following text has been translated from Icelandic.]

Wallace had his birthday today. I feel kinda bad for not getting him anything. That kinda goes for everyone around here. But, I’ll make it up to them on valentine’s day. Chocolate for everyone!

Mr. Barton sure is a weird guy. All standoffish and aloof, who knew he was into comics just like Wallace! Finally, Wally will have someone to talk to about that stuff!

Ooooooh! Sammy was born on valentine’s day! I really should have made her a double batch of chocolates! Oh well, I’ll
remember next year.

Oh dear, oh God. Jonothon asked me out for valentines! Im such a dweeb. I stammered out a yes amid a stream of other possible responses. I was so flustered I had to excuse myself to calm down. Ugh, I hope I managed to get out a yes in the end. I mean, this will be my first date. Like, date date, ever. Im so excited!

Well the Valentines dinner with Jonothon was a bust. The nerve of that guy! The dinner went well at first, I thought. About as well a dinner can go when your partner can’t eat atleast. But Jonothon started asking why I do, well. Everything. Why I go to class, why I try to act proper. Why I generally listen to what people tell me. I was just so floored at the time, because the answer is so obvious. Not only is learning it’s own reward but it’s a matter of respect to the people putting their time and effort into trying to teach us stuff! But then he got to other stuff. Like what I would do if someone I respected, killed someone I loved.

[The text trails of and the page is stained with running mascara. Close examination of the page reveals
that something was written but later erased.

He, called me naive. Maybe I am. But it doesn’t matter. Humans have to be fundamentally decent. They have to be worth listening to. Because otherwise… Otherwise, mom really does hate me. Forever.

[The text resumes a few lines down.]

Holy shit! Wallace is dead! Some guy called Sinister just showed up and fucking killed him! He wanted Sammy. Saying She belonged to him for making her or some bullshit like that. Wallace got in the way and the weirdo just reached out and touched wally and he crumpled to dust! Then shit went down, fast. Mr. Banner turned into a great lumbering green troll! Then Barton pulled some fancy tricks with his bow and got ontop of Mr. Banner and inject him with something. Then Barton called for backup from S.H.I.E.L.D. Within a minute a ship arrived and took Sinister, Banner. The whole shebang away in chains.

The next day the bucket guy was in the entryhallway arguing with Xavier. He said that Sinister may be a mutant, but he had shed mutant blood and his life was foreit. He asked who where willing to track him down and administer justice. Xavier appealed for staying our hand and trusting the human justicesystem. Aria and Lidya where willing to follow “Magneto”. So where I, Sinister has to pay. There is a Weregild here and there will be a reconing. Lidya asked me to stay with Sammy. I admit I deflated alittle then. Realistically speaking Sinister would just pull his “powers away” trick and I would be less than useless. Even though my blood screamed for satisfaction, I had to conceed to Lidya. Someone has to hold down the fort incase that sicko comes back.

Sammy just prayed. Asking god for guidance. I gave her an aswer. Matthew 10:34. When even the damned prince of peace recognized there are times for struggle, who are we to argue otherwise. There shall be a reckoning, I need to prepare myself.


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