Dante Jiang


Affiliations Solo d8 Buddy d10 Team d6
Distinctions Every Moment Matters d4+PP
- Calm Mind, Tranquil Spirit or
- Second Hand Wisdom d8
Power Set Matter Manipulation
- Animation (Sorcery) d12 Alteration (Transmutation) d12
- SFX Extreme Effort Step up or double Matter Manipulation powers for one action, then step back to 2d at -1. Recover power by activating an opportunity or during a Transition Scene
- Limit Complete Exhaustion Shutdown Matter Manipulation powers and gain 1 PP. Recover power by activating an opportunity or during a Transition Scene.
- Limit Mutant When affected by mutant-specific complications or tech, earn 1 pp.
Specialties Wing Chun (Combat) d8 Native Motor City Citizen (Vehicle) d8
- Buddhist Upbringing (Psych) d6 Emergency First Aid (Medical) d6
Milestones Living on Borrowed Time
- 1XP when you allude to the true value of one’s life.
- 3XP when you put yourself in harm’s way to protect someone else.
- 10XP when you make a selfish irresponsible decision to save your own life or when you refuse or oppose that decision because the price is too high.
Stress Physical dX
- Mental dX
- Emotional dX
Trauma Physical dX
- Mental dX
- Emotional dX
- Plot Points 1
- XP Earned 0
- XP Spent 0
- XP Remaining 0

Gender: Male
Birthday: May 31st, 1999
Foster Father: None
Foster Mother: Song Mei Jiang
Relatives: Edgard Silvin (unknown father), Lorena Marina (unknown mother)
Foster Siblings: Amy Wendelin (7), Jared Daniels (12), Leon Daniels (deceased 17)
Mutation: Matter Manipulation

Three Things

1. I used to always play around with my powers. Nothing foolishly obvious, it wasn’t hard to learn that others couldn’t do the things I could. One day, when I was ten, I was trying to help Leon repair a particularly stubborn volkswagon. It was taking so much more work than expected, so we thought trying to use my talents to rebuild the parts would save some time and money. Things were going fine until I tried to reshape the body. Changing something that size put a strange kind of strain on me. That was the last thing I remember before waking up in the hospital.

2. By the time I woke up, all the tests were done. After a bit of visiting, Song Mei asked Leon to take Jared and Amy to the cafeteria so we could talk about the test results. I learned that some of my cells started decomposing faster than they could replenish themselves. There were very few similar cases to my condition. According to those examples, the doctors predicted I might not live past twenty.

3. (work in progress) death of leon by gang violence, jared swearing to never forgive dante, trying to animate leon’s body

Dante Jiang

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