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There are two different groups of characters you can play; Existing or Original. If you want to play an Original character, there are two more groups to look at; Selected Mutations or Random Mutations.

Existing Characters

The default method of Marvel Heroic assumes you pick a character and start playing. Cam Banks had a bit of wisdom to share on why this is such a cool idea.

Imagine you work for Marve and Axel Alonso (Marvel’s Editor-in-chief) came up to you and said, “I want you to write a new title. Pick your favorite X-Men character and write a new Issue #1. This is a totally new line, so throw out everything you know and start from scratch. Keep whatever you like and change everything else. You have total carte-blanche in regards to this character.”

Basically, You aren’t playing Marvel’s version of Wolverine, you’re playing your own.

If you want to go this route, pick your character and think of a revisionist history. Remember that you’re playing this character as a thirteen-fifteen year old High School freshman to start. Do you love the Ultimate’s Juggernaut? Awesome, looks like he was one of the original students at Xavier’s school. What do you mean that’s not canonical? We’ve scrapped cannon. We’re our own universe.

As a note, there are a handful of characters that aren’t an option. Obviously, you can’t play a teenage Charles Xavier. Since the Brotherhood is going to play a significant role you can’t be Magneto either. While those are the only two off-limit characters that come to mind, be sure to run any ideas past the Narrator first.

Original Characters

Maybe you want to forge your own path because sometimes no matter how hard you try you’re still going to play Wolverine like Wolverine and not the ten-years sober Australian with a boomerang fetish you envisioned at the start. Flexing your creativity and creating a new character is totally an option.

It’s important to keep in mind that you’re a thirteen-fifteen year old kid who’s only recently started developing mutant powers. You had 13-15 years of life to shape you into who you are before your powers could define you. Make sure your character reflects that and wasn’t a blank template waiting for Super Strength to define them.

Speaking of powers though, there is another point of consideration. Mutants don’t get to pick their powers, they have very little say in the matter. As creators, we do though. Sometimes we have a vision, a power we want our character to have. Other time it’s best to create the character then discover the power.

Selected Mutations

If you want to pick you Mutation that’s totally fine. Characters start with one Power Set and one SFX. Make sure you run your choice by the Narrator and the other players though, we don’t want a group of Teleporters.

Random Mutations

If you want a truly Mutant experience and have a “random” mutation forced upon you, let the Narrator know. They will “randomly” generate one and let you know what Power Set you have. It’s “random” because, again, we don’t want to randomly generate a group of Teleporters.

Mechanical Creation

Once you know what kind of character you’re making, its time to pick the details. Marvel Heroic doesn’t have a very in-debt character creation system but there are lot of choices to make you help feel different from the pack.


Assign d10, d8, & d6 to Solo, Buddy, & Team

Power Set

Create\Select One Power Set.

Power Trait

Spend Ten Steps.

SFX & Limits

Create\Select One SFX.
Create\Select One Limit.
Limit: Mutant. Earn 1PP when affected by mutant-specific complications or tech.


Spend Ten Steps.

Example Specialties


Die Size Levels

d4 = Amateur Level. The D4 cannot be split into multiple smaller die as Expert+ Specialties can. An Amateur level specialty cannot be used to create a resource by spending a plot point.
d6 = Rookie Level. The D6 cannot be split into multiple smaller die as Expert+ Specialties can. A Rookie level specialty cannot be used to create a resource by spending a plot point.
d8 = Expert Level. The D8 can be split into either 2d6 or 3d4. A Expert level specialty ca be used to create a d6 Resource by spending a plot point.
d10 = Master Level. The d10 can be split into either 2d8 or 3d6. A Master level specialty ca be used to create a d8 Resource by spending a plot point.
d12 = Grandmaster Level. You can not start with a Grandmater Level Specialty. The d12 can be split into either 2d10 or 3d8. A Grandmaster level specialty ca be used to create a d10 Resource by spending a plot point.


Select or Create Three.


Select or Create One.

Character Creation

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