Setting Distinctions

Expanding on the idea of Scene Distinctions (Basic Game OM69), there may be Distinctions for the game. Series Distinctions are available at any point during the campaign. Season Distinctions are available during a specific story arc. Finally, Episode Distinctions are available at any time during the Episode they are listed for.

Unlike traditional Scene Distinctions, Setting Distinctions are only rarely sensory conditions. Scene Distinctions are themes that are felt at every level of the current story. At any point, that theme could help or hurt your characters. More than anything, bringing Setting Distinctions into play should help foster an atmosphere for the game.

Setting Distinctions function exactly like any other kind of Distinction. They can be used for a d8 or a d4+PP.

Series Distinctions

Series One: 1407 Graymalkin Lane

Definition of Destiny

Season Distinctions

Season One: Welcome to Westchester County

New Place, New Life

Season Two: Identity Crisis

With us or Against us

Season Three: Mutant Registration

Mutants United

Season Four: Civil War

A Country Divided

Episode Distinctions

Episode One

No Episode Distinctions

Episode Two

Heavy Workload

Episode Three

Heroic Teenagers

Episode Four

A Larger World

Episode Five

Sides of a Coin

Episode Six


Episode Seven



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