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The show starts with a flashback to Kentucky. Sam Guthrie watches an older man prepare a dynamite charge. “Louis can I please watch?” Sam asks. Louis at first says no, grumbling about not knowing why a teenager was allowed in the mine. After more cajoling by Sam, Louis Relents. As the dynamite goes off, it causes a cave in. As Louis is stunned by falling debris, a desperate Sam pulls on his arm to no avail. Sam doesn’t give up and suddenly his legs explode, propelling him and Louis by the arm out of the mine. Louis, wide eyed looks at Sam who appears shocked. “Sam!” He exclaims, “you saved my life!”

The screen fades to black and the series title “1407 Graymalkin Lane” appear before fading to black again being replaced by “Episode 2: Uncanny”.

On the last free Sunday before school starts, most students tend to lay low. Samantha talks to Logan about his nightmares as they throw a football out on the lawn. Aria asks Remy to show her one of the places he mentioned that she can get away from everyone. Remy takes her to a cliff which turns out to be called “Make Out Point” by the local kids.

The first day of school, the students head downstairs for breakfast. They find out that Cerebro randomly creates breakfast every morning. It has a quirky programing as evidenced by later mornings ‘delicacies’. First class is Ms. Hunter’s gym class. The first half is individualized or in duo and Ms. Hunter allows the students to pick their own activities. Piotr and Logan weight lift, Arni and Wallace chose running, Samantha and Lydia do gymnastics while the rest of the students do individual workouts. The second half Logan after much convincing talks the group into playing Ultimate Frisbee. As the game commences, Victor decks Logan as things get heated. Ms. Hunter pulls Victor away as gym ends and lunch begins.

As the teens file into the lunchroom, they find individualized backpacks with Tablets, Ipads, Iphones and 3 leather bound notebooks at the table, one for each of them. As some students head up to shower, Logan seeks out Sammy’s help with his black eye, but instead Lydia answers the door in a bathrobe. “I came looking for help,” Logan says sheepishly. “So your first choice was to come here?” Lydia asks incredulously. Lydia agrees to help and Logan’s eye is treated.

As the group heads into Prof. Xavier’s English class, they notice their devices power down. Dr. Xavier explains that he doesn’t want the devices to detract from learning in the classroom. The English class is a pretty standard fair class.

The last class of the day is Mr. Duncan’s Public Relations class. Mr. Duncan utilizes Cerebro to ask the students questions regarding their powers. The point of the class is to teach the students how to deal with probing questions from reporters to ensure they are protecting themselves with the answers given.

On Tuesday the students file into Mr. Duncan’s Mathematics class. He is sitting behind the desk with his feet up as Cerebro takes over and starts teaching the class. Although clinically an excellent teacher, it does have it’s quirks. Cerebro doesn’t grasp the concept of pacing so it spits out formula after formula for students to try without a pause. A couple of students catch Mr. Duncan taking notes and pick up on the fact that he’s writing up psych profiles on them.

The second class on Tuesday is Prof. Xavier’s Social Studies class. The class does emphasize more World Geography and politics more than typical American Social Studies classes typically do from what the students pick up on.

Prof. Xavier’s Mutation Control class finishes up Tuesday as the class happens outside. Xavier puts psychic blocks on everyone and has them test their powers. Aria refuse to participate. Xavier lets the students know that he doesn’t want to force anyone to use their powers. He only wants to give them a chance to work with them in a controlled environment.

The only new class the students have on Wednesday is Dr. Moira MacTaggart’s Mutation Discovery class. The class revolves around studying your own mutations on a genetic level. She explains that no one is expected to become a geneticist, or even fully understand at the end of this year. This class is to build on the information shown all four years of school.

Dr. MacTaggart’s science class on Thursday morning focuses on Physical sciences as the students prepare for physics.

After Thursday’s Math class, Remy approaches everyone at lunch and expresses his frustration with that class and the workload here. He indicates that he is going to a Sugar Cane concert in Stamford on Saturday and asks who wants to come. A couple of students volunteer but after the rest seem hesitant to skip class, Remy asks them to think on it and come to the right decision on Saturday.

Samantha speaks with Professor Xavier privately. She expresses her concern regarding the workload and how there are no days off or hardly any time off. She argues how do you absorb any knowledge you’re given if you have no time off. The Professor agrees, musing he wondered who would approach him first. He says that students are allowed to seek out those times as they need them by not going to class. After Samantha counters that students would fall behind in these classes, Xavier counters that this is very similar to life and that it doesn’t wait for anyone.

Ms. Hunter’s combat training paired off students to spar and battle. Lydia immediately grabs Aria to square up on her and pound away.

A couple of patterns appear. Remy doesn’t appear for any morning classes. Victor only comes to Mutation Control, Combat training and Phy Ed.

On Saturday the students head into Dr. McCoy’s Mutation History class begins with him theorizing that Mutants have always been around. All of the Ancient God mythos revolve around the fact that mutants existed back then. Zeus, Ra and others were just mutants who were worshiped as gods. The class emphasis is on trying to explain that mutants are not freaks, but are natural and have always been a part of this world.

At lunch, Remy, Aria, Lydia, Arni, Samantha, Logan, Scott and Wallace head to Golden Bridge to catch a bus to Stamford for the Sugar Cane concert. As they were waiting for the student, a couple of local kids approached the group and started hassling them. Chad was the leader’s name and as another group of local kids called them out, they left. The students met Max, Fred and Lexus. As they talked, it seemed like everyone was going to the concert. Max informed the Xavier kids that the concert was sold out. As it was found out that they didn’t have tickets, Lexus called her rich father and got tickets for the group.

On the bus, Aria let Lydia, Arni and Samantha know she was going on a private date with Remy and were not going to the concert. Logan and Scott lamented their girl problems while Lydia plotted with Ann (Max’s girlfriend) about setting up Wallace. The locals indicated that the others should head out to homecoming. Logan had a conversation with Fred about football and Fred suggested he talk to their school and see if he can still play football for Golden Bridge.

As life returned back to normal, a few days of classes went by when Sam headed downstairs at breakfast fired up. He had a newspaper showing people gunned down in an African mall. Sam asked why we weren’t helping to stop things like this. Lydia and Logan suggested he go down to the Professor’s office and ask him. As everyone agreed and left, Samantha and Aria stayed behind. Lydia confronted them, indicating that this isn’t about what Sam was upset about, but the fact that they should support him. Lydia indicated that they were a family and you support your family. Samantha cursed and followed the rest. Aria seemed unphased, but after a personal plea from Lydia followed suit. Samantha headed to the basement to let Victor know, only to get a growl. She left a burned CD with songs and a note, reading that this was how she calmed down when she was angry.

As the students gathered at the professor’s office and Sam plead his case about helping people, the professor indicated that he hoped that one day that is what we would be doing. However, he posed the question of who was ready to take on that challenge. Logan stepped forward and said he could. As Wallace saw the wind rush out of Sam’s sails, he pulled him away as Logan, Lydia and Samantha stayed in Xavier’s office. Lydia told Logan under no uncertain terms that he had to get his issues under control if he thought he could be a leader. As she left, Xavier asked Samantha to leave for a moment and told Logan that if he wanted to get everyone to that level of confidence he was that he would have to work with everyone. As Logan left, Samantha tearily entered the office. She asked if that was the plan was to turn everyone into a military unit. As Xavier questioned why she said that, she pointed out Combat training and the fact that he answered as much when Sam asked why they couldn’t help. Samantha indicated she didn’t want to be a soldier and that she was scared. Xavier reassured her that she was safe, and that all he wanted was for people to know how to use their powers and to grow up as ethical and well informed people.

Wallace told Sam that he wanted to help, but if they were to do so they needed to try and use their powers without the ‘training wheels’. Sam told him he already was at the Quarry. Wallace asked Sam to invite him so that they could do so together and Sam agreed.

On September 22nd, Scott’s Dad flew down in a spaceship to wish him a happy birthday and present him with a gift, Lockheed the Dragon.

Finally, at the end of the month, Aria was approached by Professor Xavier. He said that he was aware of Aria being afraid to use her powers for fear of hurting others and had enlisted the help of an outsider who had some experience in that field, Dr. Bruce Banner.

Setting Distinctions

Series One: 1407 Graymalkin Lane – Definition of Destiny
Season One: Welcome to Westchester County – New Place, New Life
Episode Two: Uncanny – Heavy Workload

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