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Session 4 write up:

The show starts outside a London flat. The date 11/13/11 scrawls across the bottom. A young Johnothon Starsmore runs in, pulling a girl by the hand before hiding in the closet. A second younger boy bursts in, calling out to them. As John and Gayle kiss, she mentions how his lips are burning up. That’s when Jonothon looks down and his chest and mouth explode outward, engulfing Gayle. John runs outside. His younger brother Solomon stares in horror as he is engulfed by flames as is his mother before Jonothon runs outside collapsing.

At a nearby hospital, Johnothon wears a fireproof blanket around himself. A man walks in and as Jonothon goes to stand up, the man speaks, “No. Your mom is dead, Gail will never walk again and Solomon is in critical condition. Why are you still alive?”

The screen fades to black and Episode 4 appears, followed by “Homecoming”

As the date approaches of the big North Salem Homecoming game, Lydia asks Samantha to dye her hair. Samantha invites Arni and Aria to have a dye party. Wallace looks on slightly bummed that he’s not a part of it.

Later in the week Samantha asks some poignant questions of Dr. MacTaggart. Dr. MacTaggart explains that mutants can be passed on genetically, and that yes a person who is a mutant that has a child does make it more likely that the child is a mutant. Dr. MacTaggart asks why Samantha would want to know, and Samantha says she is just curious if her parents would have been mutants. She also asks Dr. MacTaggart to help show her cancer cells as she wants to experiment to see if she can reverse it.

Samantha asks Scott if Lockheed sheds scales. Scott informs her that he does not, and that Lockheed is a breed of alien that pledges a lifedebt and since Scott’s father saved Lockheed, he will repay that debt to him and his family. Word that Sammy pet Scott’s space dragon is spread throughout school.

Arni has a conversation with Cerebro where she misinterprets what Cerebro said about doing math outside instead of in the classroom because of Cerebro’s programming.

Scott mentions that someone should ask the professor about getting a ride to the dance, Lidya agrees to go with Scott to see what the Professor has to say. The Professor thinks it’s a bad idea and also recognizes that they’d probably try to sneak out and do it anyways. Lydia points out that this isn’t any more dangerous that what they just did in the Mediterranean, which Xavier counters that the potential exposure this close to home would be his main concern. Also that some of the students would probably not be ready for that. The Professor agrees as long as the group has a chaperon. Lydia gets opinions and they agree to ask Dr. MacTaggart. After she brings up that Mr. Duncan would be a better choice, Lydia agrees and gets Mr. Duncan to come along.

Remy helps Wallace and Sam get dressed for the party. While the girls dress in Lydia and Samantha’s room. Piotr offers his two sense as he can hear between his bathroom and their closet about what dress for Samantha to wear. She in turn dismisses all of Arni’s choices for something more modern. Lydia wears a blue dress that goes nicely with her hair.

As the group gathers, they find Victor waiting in a nice shirt and slacks. He asks Samantha to the homecoming (Per Jonothon’s suggestion). She agrees, which seems to sadden Piotr a bit. As the group packs in they notice Scott is not there. Lydia goes to investigate and finds that Scott doesn’t feel like he has anything to contribute if he can’t talk about mutants or space. Although Lydia does her best to convince him otherwise, he decides it best not to go. When Remy doesn’t show up, Aria checks on him. He slyly says he’ll see her there.

At the dance, it is set up as girls on one side, guys on the other. Lydia reconnects with Max and Annette, working her way towards meeting Vivian. Arni immediately and enthusiastically asks if anyone wants to dance, which gets picked up on by Zachary Hong, one of the foreign exchange students. Samantha seems torn about how to dance with anyone after Victor turns her down while Aria, Sam and Wallace play it low key.

As Lydia gets introduced to Reid Schwartz in order to get the introduction to Vivian, Victor informs Samantha that she can dance with clear Beta’s, to which she goes and dances with Wallace for a bit. Aria leaves for a cigarette and sees a kid with an Australian accent. Samantha catches Arni dancing with a social bottom feeder and tells her to sit down and not dance until she makes it right. Lydia is introduced to Vivian and her friend Addison. Addison makes a habit of answering questions Lydia directs at Vivan. When Lydia asks Vivian if she wants to dance and Addison shuts her down, Vivian gets Addison to leave and takes Lydia to the theater where it seems is the place to make out.

Samantha goes and asks Max if there is anyone that they can talk into dancing with Arni after her faux pas. Max indicates the quarterback of the football team, Pierce Kelly. Max makes the introductions and as Samantha lays out her question, Pierce agrees but only if Samantha will also dance with him. She agrees to get right back to him. She goes to talk to Victor about it who mentions that this couldn’t happen and that Arni deserves her social place. As Samantha indicates that she is going to do this for her friend, Victor replies“I was wrong about you.” before leaving the dance. As Victor leaves, a visibly depressed Samantha agrees to dance with Pierce. Pierce indicates that it’s ok, as he can tell she’s not happy and goes and dances with Arni. Arni dances with Pierce for three songs as the two talk about Iceland.

Remy shows up to the party, listens for 3 minutes and goes up to the DJ with Aria and changes the music so it’s modern rock/pop.

Wallace is approached by a male cheerleader who he thinks is hitting on him but is in fact working as an agent for a girl on the cheer leading team. He finds this out after turning ‘him’ down.

As Arni winds up her songs with Pierce, Samantha approaches him. Pierce still thinks it’s an obligation thing, but Samantha explains that what he did for Arni was more impressive than anything he could do on the football field. Pierce asks her to go to the homecoming game to which she is non-committal. She does talk him into dancing, just as Victor walks back in. As Victor storms outside, Remy tells Aria to get the team together for a ‘Victor’ situation. Wallace is tasked with getting Aria, who he finds in mid makeout session with Vivian.

Aria confrontsVictor who is busy smashing cars just as he throws one at her. As the group gets together, Lydia starts to stare down Victor. The Australian kid decides he’s had enough and uses his zippo to light Victor on fire. Lydia throws herself in the way of the blast as Victor is blown free. As Mr. Duncan calls a stealthed blackbird into action, Aria goes to grab the Australian kid but is stopped by a man in a metal headpiece, indicating that “Jonathan” is his ward under his protection and was not going anywhere. As Aria says that mutants shouldn’t fight amongst each other, Magneto points out that they also shouldn’t kill civilians, which Victors car throw seems to have killed an innocent person. As Arni pulls Samantha from the party, the team all gets aboard the Blackbird. End of session 4.

Setting Distinctions

Series One: 1407 Graymalkin Lane – Definition of Destiny
Season One: Welcome to Westchester County – New Place, New Life
Episode Four: Homecoming – A Larger World

Doom Pool

Fresh Pool: 2d6

Episode 004

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