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I like to give people extra credit for any extra work they do outside of the game. For every piece of extra credit you complete you’ll earn one bonus XP point. Make sure to drop a note on this thread to keep me informed whenever you finish a task.

Tracking your bonus points is up to you.

I’ll be adding new Tasks to the list as I think of them and tasks can be done in any order, unless otherwise specified. If you have any questions, ask away.

  1. Create-A-Character: This Task must be done first, before any other Tasks are given rewards for. Create a Character Page on Obsidian Portal that includes everything below. This Task is worth 1 XP.
    • Character Name: Your Character’s First and Last name. No titles, no nick names, no middle names. First and Last only. [Example: Charles Xavier]
    • Quick Description: Nicknames, Codenames, Mutant Names, etc. Note: Your character likely doesn’t have a Codename or Mutant name yet. [Example: Professor X, Xavier, Charley, Chuck, Charlie, The Good Shepherd]
    • Tags: Please tag your characters with the “Lead” tag.
    • Slug: You can leave this blank. If you want to double-check it should be first-last name, all lower case. [Example: charles-xavier]
    • Player Character?: Make sure this is checked.
    • Description: Copy the Obsidian Portal Character Sheet Formatting into this section and fill in your information.
    • Biography: Put your Three Things here. [Example: 1. I was born Charles Francis Xavier, the mutant son of wealthy nuclear researcher, Dr. Brian Xavier, and his wife, Sharon Xavier-Marko. 2. My telepathic powers began emerging when I was still a boy, around ten, and, due to the immense psychic energies emanating from my head, I became bald at a young age. 3. After finishing my studies at Oxford, I was drafted and sent to Asia during the Korean War where I served on search and rescue missions and earned the nickname The Good Shepherd.}
  2. Mug Shot: Pick out a picture for your character and upload it to your character page. Since this is an animated series artwork is preferred but make sure to include a credit at the bottom of your Biography section. This Task is worth 1 XP.
  3. Entrance Music: Pick out a theme song, find it on YouTube, post a link to it in your Biography above your Mug Shot credit. Include a short explanation for why you chose that song after the video. This Task is worth 1 XP.
  4. Character Questionnaire: For every 25 Questions answered on the spreadsheet, you’ll earn 1XP.
  5. Episode Synopsis: This would normally be the realm of the narrator, I’m stretched thin just with writing each episode of the in-between webseries. After any episode, players are encouraged to edit that episode’s wiki page and add in a Synopsis section. This should be a factual recounting of what transpired during the course of the game, similar to episode descriptions found on wikipedia. Anyone who contributes to the synopsis, by writing paragraphs or correcting factual errors is considered a contributor. This Task is worth 1 XP to 10 XP depending on level of detail.
  6. Character Journal: Between episodes you’ll have a chance at some bonuses too. After every episode, you may create an Adventure Log post for your character. These should read like the character’s personal journal and recount the events of the episode from their perspective. If you miss an episode you can still write a journal, but instead tell a small story about what you were doing instead. This Task is worth 1 XP to 3 XP depending on quality and detail.
    • Title – The title should follow this format: Character Name’s Journal – Episode #. [Example: Charles Xavier’s Journal – Episode 1]
    • Subtitle – This can be whatever you like or left blank.
    • Post Date & Time – Set the Date to the Friday of the game session and the time to anytime after 9pm CST.
    • Tags – Tag the entry as “Character Journal”
  7. NPC Translation: Some of the NPCs need to have their Datafiles reworked to fit into the game. Any NPC that has Three Things written about them are open to being Translated. You’ll need to copy the Obsidian Portal Character Sheet Formatting onto the NPC’s page. Their stats can be based off of Datafiles where they exist. Any NPC’s in the First, Second, Third, or Fourth Class need to confirm to the Character Creation rules. Finally, the Translation needs to be approved by the Narrator so expect to get notes back. I wrote a little Translation Demo to elaborate on this process. This task is worth 3 XP per NPC translated. (NPCs no longer require Milestones. Since that was always a BIG part of the translation, the XP value for Translation has been lowered)
  8. Wiki Maintenance: There is a bit of work that can be done around this place. Proofreading, spell checking, post\page tagging, etc. Feel free to do any sort of maintenance you think would enhance the portal site. Make sure you drop notes on the Forums to let me know what you change. This Task has no set Bonus and will be rewarded by Narrator discretion.

Extra Credit tracking is being handled with “Player Secrets”, not because I want to keep it secret but because it keeps this screen tidy and easy to read.

Extra Credit

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