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There is some basic information about the game that new players need easy access too. Instead of letting this information pile up around the site this page is designed to contain all the basics for game itself.

Game Details

1407 Graymalkin Lane is a Google Hangouts based game that runs Friday nights at 8pm CST. There is a pre-show that starts at 7:30pm CST for the players to get together, chat, and get all the bullshit out before the game starts.

You can get all the info about the state of the world on the Backstory page. Each Season has it’s own section so it’ll be easy to catch up and jump in when a new season begins.

New character’s are always accepted but there is a six-seat player limit. The narrator maintaints an overflow list of players so if a seat opens up the first player on that list is invited in.


Characters start Season One between thirteen and fifteen years old and have recently began manifesting strange abilities. Because of the rarity of Mutants they are almost certainly alone and know no other people with strange abilities. Anything to the contrary needs to be cleared by the Narrator. The covertness of their powers is up to the player though; only they may know their secret or they could have caused a spectacle and be the talk of the town.

Characters will be approached in the first episode to enroll at a private boarding school ran by Charles Xavier and are expected to accept this scholarship. They will be starting in this school for their Freshman year. Nobody knows the truth behind the school, including the characters. During the course of the campaign characters will also be introduced to the Brotherhood of Mutants. Just because they attend the school does not mean the characters are limited to joining the X-Men.

When you’re ready to start working on your character you can follow the guide on the Character Creation page.

Game System

The game system is based on Cortex+ Heroic Roleplaying, the same engine that powered the Marvel Heroic RPG. All of the information you’ll need to build characters and play the game can be found in the Basic Game book.

Technical Details

I know this might limit some players, but the game is ran using Google Hangouts and the Dicestream Hangout App. Dicestream only works over video feeds so you will need access to a computer and webcam in order to play.

We have had a few players try to join in using various tablets and the quality of the connection has always been disruptive to the game. If you just want to hang out and watch using a tablet is fine but they just don’t work for playing.

Seasons Outline

There are currently four seasons mapped out, each one spanning a year of school. There will be an element of High School Drama to the game but it will give way to a more Heroic focus in later seasons.

Season One: Welcome to Westchester County (Freshman Year)

Characters are brought to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters and quickly discover it’s true purpose; teaching them about their own strange manifestations. Season One will deal heavily with the character’s themselves, typical teenage life, and uncovering the secrets of the school and eachother.

Season Two: Identity Crisis (Sophomore Year)

The Brotherhood of Mutants stands opposed to the principles of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. It is time for the characters to decide in what cause they believe in as a covert war erupts between the two factions.

Season Three: Mutant Registration (Junior Year)

Mutants become public knowledge and there is a heavy push for Government regulation. Characters from both the School and Brotherhood must unite against the Sentinel menace.

Season Four: Civil War (Senior Year)

The Mutant Registration Act paved the way for the Superhero Registration Act. The rest of the world is brought into a conflict that the characters are all too familiar with.

The X-Men Analogy

The X-Men have always been an analogy for civil rights. Early comics served as a allegory for racism, with Professor X being a Martin Luther King Jr character while Magneto represented a Malcolm X view. These themes are the core of the X-Men, and that’s still true to this game. Along with Race, gender and sexual orientation are major social issues today that we can fully explore within these stories. Inspiration can come from the current Gay Rights issues as much as from the Civil Rights movement.

Closing Comments

There is a LOT more information scattered around this portal, but hopefully that gives you an idea of whats going on here and where to get started. Like always, if you have any questions feel free to e-mail the Narrator ( or message me on Obsidian Portal.

Getting Started

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