Teenager Milestones

Bring the Funk

1XP: when you quote song lyrics.
3XP: when you let everyone know what music should be playing during an Action Scene.
10XP: when you either find a way to blast your music on every battle you participate in, or decide that music has no place in super heroic fights.

Everyone’s Little Sibling

1XP: when you ask an older mutant for advice, or inform them that they are gross for their romantic activity.
3XP: when you ask an older mutant to aid you during a Transition Scene.
10XP: when you either buddy up with an older mutant and declare yourself their sidekick, or take a younger mutant under your wing and act as their older sibling.

Teenager – Scott Summers

1XP: when you say something that displays your youth and lack of world wisdom.
3XP: when you use Menace or Psych to get out of doing something difficult.
10XP: when you either refuse to grow up and continue being a child or, through your super heroics, grow up and become an adult.

Unsupportive Family – Árni Brynarsdottir

1XP: when you discuss your family’s hatred of your mutant powers.
3XP: when you confront an anti-mutant bigot.
10XP: when you either make peace with your family’s bigotry, or exile them from your life until they can love you for what you are.

World’s Pressure – Remy LeBeau

1XP: when you act dumber than you really are, or hold back some facet of your intelligence.
3XP: when you use Cosmic or Psych during a Transition Scene to aid a classmate or during an Action Scene to inflict stress on a foe.
10XP: when you either refuse to waste your gifts and declare that you’ll use every bit of your intelligence in future adventures, or you find a strong older mutant to be your heroic mentor.

Mutant Milestones

Hesitant Mutant – Samantha Augustine?

1XP: when you discuss your misgivings about a mutant adventure.
3XP: when you plan a mutant adventure, throwing yourself into your life as a mutant.
10XP: when you dedicate your life to the a mutant faction, or gather together a group of mutants and embark on a different path.

Learning Control – Victor Creed

1XP: when you discuss the problems with your powers.
3XP: when you use your powers to create a stunt.
10XP: when you either seek out a hero or villain with similar powers to help you gain mastery over your powers, or refuse any further aid or instruction in controlling your powers.

Learning about your Power – Aria Cirillo

1XP: when you discuss your mutant ability.
3XP: when you use your mutant ability to create an asset or complication.
10XP: when you either find a tutor with a similar power who can help you master yours, or you start to tutoring someone with a similar power and help them master their power.

Living to the Limit – Wallace Wachter

1XP: when you discuss how you can use your powers.
3XP: when you take stress when using your powers.
10XP: when you either seek out a mentor to help you unlock your full mutant potential, or abandon your friends and teammates in your quest to reach your limits.

Young Mutant – Samuel Guthrie

1XP: when you ask an older mutant about your mutant heritage.
3XP: when you deal out stress protecting a mutant.
10XP: when you either reject your mutant heritage or join a mutant team to be with your fellow mutants.

Student Milestones

Mentor a Student – Lidya Nicolov

1XP: when you choose to aid a specific student for the first time.
3XP: when you aid a stressed-out student in recovery.
10XP: when you either give leadership of the the class to your chosen student or force your chosen student to resign or step down from the class.

One of the Students – Logan Colter

1XP: when you give support to another student.
3XP: when you’re given an official place in the school.
10XP: when you either sacrifice something you hold dear for the benefit of your peers or walk away to avoid that sacrifice.


1XP: each time you aid a chosen student in using their powers.
3XP: when your chosen student betrays or inflicts stress on you.
10XP: when you sacrifice or shutdown your powers, wealth, or reputation for a student, or vice versa.

Team Player – Jonothon Starsmore

1XP: When you give support to another mutant not already in your class.
3XP: When you confront a class mate about your place in the class.
10XP: When you either walk away from your class or join it at a cost to your family.

World’s Smartest Assistant

1XP: when you give smart advice to an older mutant.
3XP: when you use Science, Tech, or Cosmic to create an asset for an older mutant.
10XP: when you either take up a secret identity so that you can officially be a side-kick or realize that you are too smart to be an assistant and gather a team of like-minded geniuses.

Romantic Milestones

Deadly Romance – Piotr Rasputin

1XP: when you choose to flirt with another student.
3XP: when you make a decision or create a circumstance that puts your chosen crush directly in harm’s way.
10XP: when you either abandon your chosen crush at a critical moment or sacrifice something you hold dear in order to preserve your chosen relationship.

Getting Better

1XP: when you hide your feelings for someone from the rest of your class, or rebuff the advances of an unwanted suitor.
3XP: when you confess your feelings to your crush, or ask for another’s advice and acceptance about your feelings.
10XP: when you either accept another’s feelings for you, regardless of what others might have thought of the relationship, or leave your class rather than accept the rejection of your crush.

Head over Heart

1XP: when you profess your interest in a chosen student.
3XP: when you talk your chosen crush out of a dangerous course of action.
10XP: when you either break off your relationship because your chosen crush risked their life (or others) for yours, or you convince your partner to break it off with you.

Love or Manipulation?

1XP: when you flirt with a class mate.
3XP: when you use Menace or Psych to create an asset for a crush.
10XP: when you either enter into a truly loving relationship or break off your current affair the moment it stops being advantageous to you.

Romantic Tragedy

1XP: when you choose to express your affection for another mutant student.
3XP: when you turn down aid in order to be alone with your chosen crush in a perilous situation.
10XP: when you either watch your chosen crush take d10 or more trauma or break off your relationship in order to save them.


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