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There have been a few question on how everything is being presented for this game. If each game session is an Episode of a TV series, what are the character journals? Where does the Webseries fit in? What is the format for the episode synopsis? What else could we be adding? Lets start answering those questions.

First, 1407 Graymalkin Lane is being done in the style of a big-budget media event. It’s a successful TV series with numerous tie-in products. Every piece is designed to draw people into the main product, the Episodes.

Game Sessions [Episodes]

1407 Graymalkin Lane airs on Friday nights at 8pm CST. There are no re-runs or repeats. You have to catch the episode as it airs. It’s an unusual format, but it drives up the importance of the series. It’s not just a show, it’s an event. If you don’t participate, you miss out on the gripping action and tense dialog.

The show itself is an animated series aimed at an adult audience, similar to shows like Aeon Flux and The Maxx or movies like Under the Red Hood and Flashpoint Paradox. The imagining is what if a network like FX or HBO created the 1990’s X-Men animated series. It’s gritty, adult, violent, and realistic.

Every game session is treated like the main program, it’s that week’s episode. The players that week at the stars of that episode and anyone else is just the audience.

Narrator Adventure Log Entries [Webseries]

Throughout the week between the episodes, there are short 5-10 minute Webseries being released to the public. These answer questions brought up during the show but not fully explored during the episode. These side-stories detail events transpiring around the main Episode; sometimes during and sometimes after. They help bring a larger world to life for the audience.

The Webseries are animated in a similar style to the main Episodes.

These are narrator written scenes that detail the outcome of the Faction\Feature Agendas at the end of the episode. They can be found on the Adventure Log.

Player Adventure Log Entries [Podcasts]

Also between episodes, we’ve brought out actors back into the studio to record short 2-5 minute podcast episodes. These are entries into the Character’s Journal, narrated by the character, to elaborate their view of the episode. Sometimes the actors even go off script and invent scenes we didn’t get to see on the show!

These are player written episode synopsis from their character’s perspective. Similar to the Episode Synopsis, but allowing for internal monologging and scene bias. Players are also encouraged to add small details or scenes to help fill out their character’s personality or opinions. Any significant developments must be cleared with the Narrator first. These can be found on the Adventure Log after the Webseries.

Presentation Formats

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