Mutant Unlockables

[5 XP] Desperate Evolution. For 5 XP any mutant can unlock a temporary surge of energy for survival. Until the end of the Scene the hero steps up any Stunt dice created with mutant powers. This can be unlocked again once the Scene ends.

Mansion Unlockables

[10 XP] Danger Room. You gain a access to the Danger Room training gym. If you spend a transition scene in the Danger Room practicing against the a specific opponent or group of opponents, you can spend 1 PP to gain a Combat Resource of 1D8 that can be added to any roll against that enemy.

[5 XP/10 XP] Teacher’s Pet. An impressed adult has taken special interest in you. For 5 XP, your mentor takes your side on an issue and assists you even if you disobey the orders of another adult. For 10 XP, your mentor shares a resource for your next Action Scene.

Danger Room Unlockables

In order to purchase any of these Unlockables you must have already purchased access to the Danger Room.

[5 XP] Combat Training. If you do not have a Combat Specialty, you add the specialty Combat Expert D8.

[5 XP] Control Training. You can add the Focus SFX to one of your power sets.

If a pool includes a POWER SET power, you may replace two dice of equal size with one die +1 step larger.

[5 XP] Creativity Training. You can add the Versatile SFX to one of your power traits.

Split POWER TRAIT into 2d at –1 step, or 3d at –2 steps.


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