Ezekiel Springer


Affiliations Solo d10 Buddy d8 Team d6
Distinctions Desperate Ferocity d4+PP
- From a Life of Cruelty or
- Disturbing Appearance d8
Power Set Insect Anatomy
- Scythe Arms (Attack) d6 Carapace (Durability) d8
- Beetle Wings (Flight) d6 Mutated Muscle Structure (Reflexes) d6
- Wall Crawling (Movement) d4
- SFX Antenna Spend 1 PP to add Superior Muscle Structure (or step up by +1 if already in your pool) and reroll all dice on a reaction.
- Limit Mutated Nerve Structure Earn 1 PP to step up Physical Stress inflicted by Electrical Attacks by +1.
- Limit Mutant When affected by mutant-specific complications or tech, earn 1 pp.
Specialties Solitary Survival (Wilderness) d10 Sharpened Scythes (Combat) d8
- Survival Fitness (Acrobatics) d6 Tricks of the Trade (Business) d4
Milestones Out of Place
- 1XP when you reveal or do something unpleasant that makes others around you uncomfortable.
- 3XP when you express the the desire for an ordinary life or the difficulties of looking so different.
- 10XP when you choose to accept yourself for who you are and strive for inclusion in society or when you give up on all hope of being treated like you are normal.
Stress Physical dX
- Mental dX
- Emotional dX
Trauma Physical dX
- Mental dX
- Emotional dX
- Plot Points 1
- XP Earned 0
- XP Spent 0
- XP Remaining 0

Gender: Male
Birthday: April 11th, 2001
Father: Lukas Springer
Mother: Victoria Chevonne
Relatives: various unattached
Mutation: Insect Anatomy

Three Things

1.When I was younger, I was left at Father’s estate alone for a week with no real means of feeding myself. A large bowl of something was left on the ground, but it didn’t last long enough to keep me from starving. And because it was solid food, it was much harder for me to digest. Luckily, the estate had plenty of ants, flies, and crickets for me to learn how to catch and eat.

2. The day he returned, I snapped. I was furious and screaming at him for no good reason, which might have been tolerable if I hadn’t then lunged at him with my scythes. Before I could understand what was happening, I was on the ground and in incredible pain. That was the only time I’ve ever been electrocuted. I think I remember hearing the taser crackling while I was in midair. suddenly, as I was laying on the ground, there was a revolver up against my head. Father made it very clear, that if I ever tried to attack him again he would make sure that, quote: “there would be one less disgusting freak in the world.”

3. After that incident, I gradually stopped seeing my family entirely. I spent all my time at whatever private school I happened to be attending that month. there were some people that tried to be my friend, but the more they learned about my deformities, the faster they were driven away. Even if there was one or two who weren’t scared off, I was moved to new schools too frequently to keep any friends. All part of the effort to keep anyone from learning too much about me.

Ezekiel Springer

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