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Episode Synopsis

The show opens with a flashback detailing the history between Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr.

The opening title explains that this episode is called 1407 Graymalkin Lane.

We watch a series of letters going out to the protagonists; Augustine, Samantha. Brynarsdottir, Árni. Cirillo, Aria. Colter, Logan. Nicolov, Lidya. Wachter, Wallace.

The letter details a new boarding school being opened by Charles Xavier and invites each of the protagonists to interview for enrollment.

Then we see Wallace Wachter talk with his father about the letter.

Next Aria Cirillo is explictly told not to enroll by her father.

Logan Colter’s parents encourage his attendance.

Samantha Augustine’s aunt has a moment of lucidity and tells Samantha to find a life for herself.

The parents of Árni Brynarsdottir argue over what to do with Arni.

Finally, Lidya Nicolov is sent away by her father.

Charles Xavier summons students to his new charter school, Xavier’s School for Gifted Youths which is to start in September. As the first students filter in during August, Arni Bryanrsdottir, Lidya Nicolov, Logan Colter and Remy LeBeau settle in to their new home they get the impression that there’s something further going on besides being a typical charter school. As more of the students filter in, Wallace Wachter, Piotr Rasputin and Samantha Augustine, they meet their first teacher, Mr. Duncan, who is trained in psychology and formerly of the FBI and is their math teacher. The confusion continues as more extreme students, Victor Creed, Jonothon Starsmore, Scott Summers and Aria Cirillo make their way to the Xavier School.

During their time before classes start, the teens realize just how far out of the way they are. A trip by Arni, Lidya, Samantha and Remy brings them to the small town of Golden Bridge, where there is also very little to do.

On the first day of orientation, Dr. Charles Xavier confirms their suspicions when he introduces them to the blue furred Dr. Henry McCoy. The entirety of this school is to teach mutants, that is genetically mutated people who have extraordinatry abilities how to use those powers and give them a support system. There are many different reactions to the news, and Dr. Xavier says that his door is open to talk, but that classes will begin on Monday.

After a very long day, Jonothon suggests to Wallace that they do a team builder. When Wallace calls everyone together to talk about the first time their power manifested, the teens realize that everyone’s had a fairly rough origin.

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Episode 001

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