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Episode Synopsis

The show starts with Piotr Rasputin on a dock with two men and a briefcase before him somewhere in New York. Three men approach and Piotr motions for the briefcase. Piotr’s men are dead inn seconds as the deal turns south and the other men open fire. Piotr turns metal as the others curse him for a mutant. Piotr jumps into the water and sinks to the bottom. He emerges out of the water down the docks back to flesh. He quickly moves away to a dark alley and a dead drop phone. His handler explains that Nicolov betrayed him because he suspected Piotr was a mutant. They found the genetic marker on his brother, and so they killed his whole family.

The screen fades to black and the series title “1407 Graymalkin Lane” appear before fading to black again being replaced by “Episode 3: Fires”

On the evening of October 1st, Arni sneaks out and confronts Wallace and Sam about training in secret out at the quarry. Sam and Wallace shut her down by saying it wasn’t anywhere they could be caught. Arni, unhappy with the discussion, pouts and leaves.

On October 3rd, Xavier enters the cafeteria at breakfast, asking who was serious about wanting to help. He informs the students about a Libyan ship that caught fire on its way to Italy. No one was going to be able to get there on time, but the students could. It was a completely voluntary mission and as students gathered on the lawn, Lydia had a conversation with Samantha who clearly wasn’t going. After questioning her motives for being here and pointing out her friends would be in danger, Lydia convinced Samantha to go.

Dr McCoy rises from the ground in a stealth aircraft called the Blackbird and the students and Ms. Hunter climb aboard. Only Victor is not present for the mission. On the way, Lydia discusses strategy as many of the other students are at a loss for what to do on a burning ship. As the blackbird pulls up alongside it, the ship explodes and Lydia and Wallace are injured. Aria growls and jumps onto the ship, stomping it so that it dips a side under the water briefly to combat the flames. Wallace throws more water at it and Arni and Lydia rally the rest to help with the rescue mission.

The students rescue over 180 people as the Italian coast guard pulls up. As the students leave, Lydia helps Wallace with first aid before Wallace and Samantha realize that Lydia is hurt more then she’s telling. Both help return the favor. Life gets back to routine until about a week later. Bruce Banner knocks on Aria’s door. He tells her that he looked into their genetics and found that they were identical., He revealed that Aria’s mother is Bruce’s sister and Aria is his niece. Aria and Bruce discuss what that means. Bruce is concerned about having the two of them in c lose proximity. Aria confirms that she knows she can’t commit suicide. Bruce agrees to stay on and try to help her on the condition that if either feels the rage build up that they flee the situation.

Setting Distinctions

Series One: 1407 Graymalkin Lane – Definition of Destiny
Season One: Welcome to Westchester County – New Place, New Life
Episode Three: Homecoming – Heroic Teenagers

Doom Pool

Fresh Pool: 2d6

Episode 003

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