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The show starts with two boys, ages 8 and 6. Their mother brings over a pie pan with one piece of pecan pie left. She informs them they will have to share. The older boy runs off with the pie, the younger in chase. The father puts down his beer and yells for them to knock it off. A blood curdling scream echoes through the house. The father pulls off his belt and wraps it around his fist and walks to the back room. As he opens the door, he sees his eldest son laying in a pool of blood. The younger boy sits on the bed, eating a piece of pie. The father pulls the boy to the basement, “You got the devil in you boy.” He chains his son to the radiator and pulls out two sharp canine teeth from his mouth, “I’d put you down, but your mother won’t allow it. So welcome to your home.”

The screen goes to black as the title “1407 Graymalkin Road” appears and fades out followed by “Episode 5: Rally”

The team is huddled in the blackbird. As Lydia lies burned and bleeding, Samantha sits beside her and puts her hands on Lydia’s shoulders, chanting until her skin is healed and the cuts are mended. As they land, Xavier calls them out front and asks what happened. The group tried to explain. Aria pointed out the Austrian boy who controlled fire who amped the situation up and Xavier’s ‘old friend’ who was there. Samantha says she upset Victor which started the situation and Arni pointed out that someone was lying under the car Victor flung. Xavier dismisses the students to their room.

When the students are called back in the next morning, Xavier indicates that he feels he has failed them. Because of what has happened, the school is on lockdown as there are media parked outside. Xavier indicates that no one should speak to the media and that he will close the school after this semester. He had made a mistake. Lydia points out that you can’t close the barn after the horse has already left. That Xavier had started this experiment, and that he needs to see it through. Aria points out that less damage would be done by them together learning what they can do than if they were apart. Wallace calls out Xavier, indicating that he’s wrong to think it’s the right thing to do if he quit. Xavier acknowledges that they are correct, but asks for help as to what to do. Classes are changed quite a bit and the more ‘unique’ classes are taken off the curriculum.

Samantha is called into Moira MacTaggarts personal lab on the 3rd floor. She meets Dr. MacTaggart and Remy there. Moira indicates that she has found something when studying Samantha’s DNA. Although hesitant to have Remy there, Samantha agrees to hear what it is. Dr. MacTaggart says that although she was predisposed to being a mutant, someone experimented on her invetro. That there was a genetic signature. One that is similar to Remy’s. She indicated that Remy had problems with his powers until he had surgery to correct it by a specialist, Nathaniel Essex.

A few days pass and Xavier informs the student that they have a visitor. She introduces herself as Betsy Braddock, mutant name Psylocke. She informs them that the man they met, Magneto is holding a mutant rights rally that evening and that Professor Xavier had allowed them to attend, despite the lock down. About half the students attend (Aria, Remy, Scott, Lydia, Arni) while the rest decline.

As the rally starts in an innocuous VFW building, they listen to Magneto speak. Magneto explains how he tried twice to rebuild and forgive atrocities that were visited on first his parents and then his wife and child. He indicates that Charles Xavier’s dream is not realistic. People will fear and attack that which is different than them. He ends the speech with this line: “When you are pulled from your homes, it will not be a school that saves you. It will be a brotherhood.”

As the students depart, they see Victor walking in. He says he has talked to Magneto and is joining the brotherhood. He tells Lydia to keep the pack together. Aria and Remy have a discussion where Remy indicates that he will only stay at the school as long as she is there. Aria indicates that she agrees with what Magneto was saying.

As the group gets back to the mansion, Scott informs Wallace and Sam of his less then impressed opinion of what Magneto had to say. The next morning Lydia informs Samantha of Victor’s departure. After her shocked reaction, Lydia asks why that should be such a surprise. Samantha seeks out Aria and shows that she does know how to fight, asking her to spar with her. Showing off her black belt, she told Aria how she hated her mother for making her learn this Capoera fighting while some of the boys and Arni looked on. Aria indicated that she agrees that she thinks that mutants are superior. Samantha indicates that all this hate doom and gloom is an outdated 1950s mindset.

As Halloween rolls around, Remy lets everyone know he has some booze. After Arni catches wind, she brings it to the professor’s attention. The professor lets Arni know that he’s a telepath, he knows. When he refuses to do something, Arni seems a bit put off by that stance.

The Halloween party happens. Lydia goes as a Barbarian Queen, Arni goes as a churchgoer, Samantha goes as Jack Sparrow. Piotr goes as Edward from twilight, Scott dresses as an Alien king, Sam goes as Captain America and Wallace goes as the Human Torch.

On 11/4 Cerebro lets everyone know it’s Lydia’s birthday. Piotr gives Lydia a present in private, a bottle of top shelf Vodka. He opens up that he didn’t originally like her because of her father, but that wasn’t fair. He tells her that she doesn’t have to be like that man, and that her father’s tolerance of a mutant daughter may grow thin one day. Samantha and Lydia talk that night. Lydia apologizes for not taking into account her feelings about Victor leaving. Samantha gives Lydia a gift, a glass butterfly. She also shows Lydia that she can turn a pencil into an actual butterfly. Lydia tells Samantha that she should ask Piotr out. Samantha indicates she’s not sure what Piotr is really like, but acknowledges it might be a good way to find out.

Scott and Sammy have a talk about space and how she thinks she wasn’t nice and that they should have a movie night with everyone so they can watch a movie. Once Scott figures out that this isn’t a date, he tries to leverage it into being Wallace’s wingman.

After winter break and Arni’s birthday (More American idol singing and kung fu movies), the students find that the government agency SHIELD had placed a liaison with them, Clint Barton. After an awkward conversation, he heads up to his room. Xavier indicates that it’s possible that if SHIELD likes what they see, they might get more government funding, and that this might be a way to keep the other government agencies off the school’s back.

Setting Distinctions

Series One: 1407 Graymalkin Lane – Definition of Destiny
Season One: Welcome to Westchester County – New Place, New Life
Episode Five: Rally – Sides of a Coin

Doom Pool

Fresh Pool: 2d6

Episode 005

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