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The show starts with a young Scott Summers aboard his fathers ship. It’s told from Scott’s perspective, so the details are kind of fuzzy. There’s a fight aboard the ship and Scott gets scared and lasers blast out of his eyes, through the ships hull. His father gets him under control just before they lose the ship. Scott has to remain blindfolded with his eyes closed for days.

The screen reads “1407 Graymalkin Lane” fades out and “Episode 6: Tests” appears.

Cerebro announces on February 11th that it is Wallace’s birthday. He’s wished happy birthday by everyone and Arni suggests a video game marathon. When Wallace opens Samantha’s present it turns out to be a fighting game, so they have a tournament.

Samantha shows up at Professor X’s office, giving him some documentation, including emancipation papers, DL application and some suggestions on how to better be prepared for the next blackbird run, including which students might be best suited for what.

The next day Clint Barton gets several notebook sized boxes. The students wonder what are in the boxes. Lydia suggests that if Wallace is so darned eager to know what’s in them, that he fly up and look in through the window. As Wallace blunders his anti-gravity powers passed the window and then back down, he notices that one of the boxes has Captain America comics in it. Excitedly he comes back down and lets everyone know. Shockingly, not everyone is as stoked about that as Wallace is.

On February 13th, Remy’s birthday is announced. He isn’t in class and on the grounds. Aria isn’t able to reach him by phone. Wallace, Sammy and Lydia go in to buy Remy some rum for his birthday and Aria confirms to Sammy that her and Remy are an item, but that she wouldn’t use those kinds of terms.

Valentines Day arrives and it also happens to be Samantha’s birthday. Wallace gives her a birthday card with 10 bucks. Piotr gets her a crucifix necklace and asks her out to Valentines dinner, which she accepts. As Lydia gives Samantha a black dress for her birthday, the two end up discussing Piotr’s invitation. Sammy confides she sort of has a crush on Wallace, which she explains to a skeptical Lydia is an ‘inner beauty’ thing.

The two talk for a while. Sammy explains that it isn’t as simple as just saying something to Wallace, because men are supposed to chase. Lydia seems completely befuddled with that logic. As Samantha is getting ready to go out, Wallace shows back up. Lydia opens the door as Wallace is looking away and asking if she wanted to go out. As Lydia figures out that he was thinking it was Sammy, she tells Wallace to go sit down and she’d let Samantha know. Scott Summers shows up shortly thereafter to give Samantha roses for birthday/valentines.

After Sammy asks Lydia what she should do, Lydia points out how ridiculous it is to ask Lydia’s take on boy problems. Samantha counters that she’s low on options and wants her opinion. Lydia says to make out with Piotr until she’s bored and then ask Wallace out. She also says that isn’t what Sammy is going to do.

As that’s happening, Jonothon asks Arni if she wants to go out for dinner. Although he can’t eat, he thought it would be nice to go as friends. Arni agrees. Sam approaches Wallace and indicates that he needs to step his game up on the Samantha front. Sam indicates that Piotr gave her a necklace and Scott brought flowers. As Wallace covers his face, Sam produces a cd, proclaiming himself the greatest wingman. Wallace takes the CD and goes back to Lydia and Sammy’s room. An annoyed Lydia opens the door and lets Wallace know that she will inform her roommate, just like she told him 15 minutes ago. Wallace goes and sits back down.

As Lydia laughs at Samantha’s ‘men chasing’ comment that seems to have been made true, Sammy wonders if Wallace has super hearing like Arni. Sammy goes out to speak to Wallace, who officially asks her out and gives her a mix tape. Samantha says she made plans with Piotr already, but then kisses Wallace on the cheek and wishes him Happy Valentines Day.

As that’s happening Sam approaches Lydia and lets her know that he’d be happy to go out with her. Although he knows Lydia doesn’t like men, he’d be happy to show off his wingman skills with Lydia. Lydia agrees. As the students go downstairs, they find out that Clint Barton is going to be driving them, and SHIELD is footing the bill. He drives up to Stanford, to a fancy Italian restaurant. As they get out, he stops Wallace. He asks if he really wants to go in the restaurant alone. Wallace indicates that he is hungry, and Clint says he was going to a good buffet place. Wallace agrees and the two head off.

As Lydia and Sam sit down to eat, Sam indicates that he looked up gay bars under 21 in Stanford and knows of a couple. The two finish their meal and head out to the bar.

Samantha and Piotr’s evening is quiet. She asks him what he thinks of the Magneto side of the argument. Piotr says that it doesn’t really matter, Charles Xavier saved him and you don’t abandon friends like that. Samantha asked a few more questions to which Piotr indicated it would be better if she didn’t know the truth.

Arni and Jonothon’s night was more tense. Jonothon asked Arni why she did everything by the rules and always went to class when it didn’t matter. Arni said she wanted to earn the grades, even if Xavier was going to give glowing reviews regardless. She said it was better to know the information than not. Jonothon asked if knowing was always better, even if it was something bad about someone you loved. As the example got more detailed Arni countered that they weren’t talking about her anymore, to which Jonothon snapped back that they were exactly talking about her.

Meanwhile on the other side of town, Clint introduced Wallace to the buffet, at the strip club. Piotr and Sammy show up making sure that Wallace was ok and nothing untoward was happening. Wallace seemed really embarrassed to be at the strip club with Samantha there, but managed to finish his steak. Sam and Lydia both had a great time at the gay bar, as both made out with multiple women. Arni and Jonothon sat in silence on the way back. Clint expounded upon the virtues of liberated women, that they’re gods gifts those women who would do anything for 50 bucks. As they got home, Clint held Lydia back and told her to ask Wallace about the one with the Captain America theme.

As Sam and Lydia hounded Wallace for details, Sammy sought refuge in Aria’s room. Aria was at her desk writing in one of Remy’s Salmon colored shirts. Samantha leaned on her and just said she was checking up. Aria waived away any feelings outwardly, but did indicate she was a little upset that Remy hadn’t said anything. Sammy told her not to worry, that he was probably working something personal out and would call later. Samantha asked Aria if she’d promise not to leave. As Aria said she’d always protect this place, Samantha said she couldn’t call everyone family if they were just going to leave. She gave Aria a hug, letting her know she wouldn’t let Aria leave.

As they got ready for bed, Piotr sent Sammy a ‘break up’ letter, indicating that they were just from two different places and it wouldn’t work. Sammy told Lydia this and let him know it was ok. She told Lydia it freed her up emotionally to see how this Wallace thing would work.

At 12:01 on February 15th, the house was flooded with lights. As Aria tried to rip off the door, she found that she didn’t have her powers. As the students headed downstairs, Charles Xavier was just showing up. As he told the students he didn’t know what was going on, Bruce Banner showed up and asked Charles if they should see what the problem was. As the two walked out, the students followed after. Wallace quickly called Clint, who indicated he was in the best position to help where he was. As their eyes adjusted, they saw two figures. One was Remy, who had a vacant stare. The second was introduced as Nathaniel Essex. He said that Charles had something that belonged to him. Charles Xavier answered back that there was nothing for him here. Nathaniel Essex pointed at Samantha, “I made that, it is mine and I’m taking it back.” As Xavier stood there stunned, Aria asked what it was worth to Essex. He laughed and said that neither Sammy or Remy were for sale. Samantha piped up that if he wanted her, he could come try and take her, to which Nathaniel strode forward. Wallace jumped in between, saying he wasn’t taking anyone. As Wallace went to shove the large man, Essex touched Wallace and turned him to dust. As Bruce Banner started to get angry and green, Hawkeye put two arrows into Hulk and zip lined down to him, putting two tranq arrows into his neck before Hulk fully got into play. He stared down Essex as he called in SHIELD. He announced that Nathaniel Essex was under arrest for murder. As SHIELD arrived and put Hulk, Essex and Remy in a copter, Barton said that he would make sure justice was done. Samuel said that wasn’t enough and he was going with, to which Barton shrugged and motioned for the plane. As Charles got his wits about him, he told everyone to go inside. Lydia had to help a despondent Samantha in.

The next morning, the children woke up to the sounds of Eric and Charles arguing. Eric said that Essex needed to die for killing one of their kind. Charles said that SHIELD had taken the matter on and justice would be done. Eric said it wasn’t enough, and they both realized all the students were in the same room. As Eric said he was going with the Brotherhood to ensure that Essex was punished for what he did, Aria stepped forward, saying that her friend had been killed, her boyfriend brainwashed and her uncle incarcerated and there was no way she wasn’t going to do something violent about it. Lydia asked Charles if there would be a place for them if they left with Eric. Charles said he wouldn’t turn away any who needed help, so Lydia joined Aria. Arni also stepped forward, but Lydia convinced her not to. As Jonothon told Xavier he was done with this school, Piotr slowly went back inside. Scott thought about it and said he didn’t think Wallace would want them going out for vengeance. Charles asked the students to think about what they were doing. That this act could be the start of humanities terror about the Mutant race. He also said he never denied them anything and they had their choice. Samantha seemed to be praying before she finally stood up and said this was not Gods way. Eric congratulated Charles on raising two fools for students, before he left with Aria and Lydia.

Season Finale.

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Episode 006

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